Companies Manufacturing Wire Products In Kenya

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Nails & Steel Products Limited in Nairobi deals with wire products manufacturing and is located in Industrial Area of Nairobi. Nails & Steel Products Company Limited in Kenya is on Kampala Road, Opposite Ryce Motors (EA) Limited in Nairobi. Nails & Steel Products Limited can be contacted via telephone number 550194.

Alterna Wires Company in Kenya is a wire products manufacturing company located on Keekorok Road in Nairobi. Alterna Wires Company Limited postal address is P.O. Box: 31322, 00600 Ngara Road, Nairobi. You can contact Alterna Wires Company via telephone number (254) 20 - 226277.

Tarmal Wire Products in Kenya is a manufacturing company that deals with wire production. You can contact Tarmal Wire Products Company in Nairobi via telephone numbers 6765490 and 6765491. Tarmal Wire Products Limited Company is located in Industrial Area of Nairobi on Gilgil Road. The Tarmal Wire Products mobile contacts are 0721743770 and 0736964743. Tarmal Wire Products website is at

Nails (k) Limited Company is another wire products dealer in Nairobi. Nails (k) Limited Company is located on Gilgil Road in Nairobi. Nails (k) Limited Company in Kenya can be contacted on telephone number 558115.


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