Apex Steel Limited Company In Kenya

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Apex Steel Limited Company in Kenya has offices located in Nairobi Industrial area. Apex Steel Limited Nairobi dision is located on Funzi Road, Off Enterprise Road.

Apex Steel Limited Company in Kenya can be contacted via telephone number 551751, +254 20 350101, 350102, 558004, 651107, 651108. The mobile contacts of Apex Steel Company are 0733640150 and 0722828850. Their website is at http://www.apex-steel.com/.

The postal address of Apex Steel Limited is P. O. Box 18441-00500 Funzi Road, Nairobi. You can email Apex Steel Company Head Office in Nairobi via info@apex-steel.com

The Apex Steel Limited has Niku Hardware located on Kombo Munyiri Road in Gikomba part of Nairobi whose email is niku@apex-steel.com. Apex Steel Limited Mini Hardware is located on Kirinyaga Road and the email address is mini@apex-steel.com. Apex Steel Limited Rolling Mill Division located in Sofia Makadara Road in Athi River part of Nairobi and their email address is rmd@apex-st. eel.com.

The Apex Steel Limited Company also has a Mombasa Division on Mwakilingo Street and their email address is Mombasa@apex-steel.com. To get the other contact details of various branches of the company in Kenya, log on to http://www.apex-steel.com/index.php/apex-manufactured-steel/angles/mild-steel/48.

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