Various Income Generating Sites In Kenya

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There are a lot of Kenyans who are unemployed and are yearning for a chance to earn. If you have access to the internet in Kenya, you will not miss the websites in Kenya from which you can earn money through online participation such as betting, writing reviews for products and essay writing. These Kenya sites require commitment in terms of time. Although there are some of the sites in Kenya which are scam, there exist ones which can earn you some money here in Kenya. Some of the sites in Kenya where people can register to get freelancing jobs in Kenya include;

Zakenya website in Kenya

Zakenya website is a freelance website in Kenya that accepts articles written on the Kenyan context. Zakenya is a free and easier website to register in Kenya. Once you are a member, you can post various articles on different categories such as education, health & fitness, agriculture, services, software and transportation. Payment in Zakenya website is done through MPESA at the end of the month, if you reach the set minimum amount of money for withdrawal. You can get to Zakenya website on

Tuwaze Website in Kenya

Tuwaze Website is a freelance website that is based in Kenya. You can register for free, and if you are a writer, you can get the assignments and work from the Tuwaze website as stipulated. Payment in Tuwaze website in Kenya is sorted every Friday. You can also create your own article, group and engage members in a forum as a kind of discussion on Tuwaze website. You can get on Tuwaze website on

Kenyaplex Website in Kenya

Kenyaplex Website in Kenya is also a site that has resource section for various subjects and you can post anything as far as it is within the sections of the resource areas. Kenyaplex website also have revision papers from various universities in Kenya. The registration on Kenyaplex website in Kenya is free. You can get to Kenyaplex website on

Kenyarater Website in Kenya

Kenyarater website in Kenya is a site where you can register and write reviews on various products, business and companies within Kenya. Payment in Kenyarater website is done through Mpesa. On Kenyarater website in Kenya, only the registered and those members who have been validated are allowed to post reviews. You can access Kenyarater website on

Kenyawriting Website in Kenya

Kenyawriting website in Kenya is a site that requires Kenyans who are best in writing articles, essays, academic writings and resumes. You can register with Kenyawriting website and start taking assignments which you will be paid for. You can get on Kenyawriting on

Justbet Website in Kenya

Justbet website is a betting website in Kenya that has been in existence since 2010, and you can earn through betting. The betting is majorly based on soccer on Justbet website in Kenya. Justbet website in Kenya has more than a thousand Kenyans who are active. Payment on Justbet website is sorted through Airtel money and MPESA. You can get on Justbet website on

Zetu Website in Kenya

Zetu website is also another website in Kenya where you can earn Kshs.50 for referring a friend to this site. Zetu website in Kenya is a buying site where consumers (members) get access to deals at an affordable price. The deals on Zetu website are sent to members every day. Zetu website in Kenya also reaches their members through social media such as Facebook and twitter. You can get on Zetu website through

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