The Best Preferred Estates In Nakuru Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - December 23, 2022

Nakuru is a town in Kenya located three hours west of Nairobi. The rapid growth of Nakuru has resulted in high numbers of people from all over Kenya trickling in to settle in the town. Investors in Kenya as well are opting to put in their resources in Nakuru in the anticipation that Nakuru will become significantly valuable in the next five years. There is evidence of most Kenyans preferring to buy land in Nakuru estates at a cheaper rate than in the expensive outskirts of Nairobi. Estates in Nakuru have plots and rental apartments at affordable prices and are accessible to town.

Nakuru is advantageously characterized tranquil environment as compared to the hustle and bustles of Nairobi which comes with a load of noise and pollution. A lot of Kenyans nowadays prefer to settle in Nakuru with their families. But which are the most preferred estates in Nakuru?

There are various estates in Nakuru where a large number of Kenyans prefer to reside which include; Section 58, Kiti, Langalanga, Pangani, Shabab, Bangladesh, Milimani, Lanet, Freehold, Free Area, Ngata, Bahati, London, Afraha and many others. These particular residential areas in Nakuru are characterized with security, relatively affordable rental apartments, adequate water supply and accessibility to Nakuru town. If you have just been posted to work in Nakuru and you wondering where to start the search for a place to stay, these are the best options you have. Nakuru also has the advantage of having no traffic at all in most times. Roads in Nakuru part of Kenya are also very smooth and well maintained making life in Nakuru very comfortable. Nakuru has one main stage where residents of different estates in Nakuru line up to board respective matatus to their areas. The stage is near the Business Centre in Nakuru, which occupies the area from Total petrol station to all the way down at the Shell petrol station.

There are estates however that are characterized with low income earners and students which include; part of Shabab, Kaptembwo, Pondamali, Bondeni, Kenlands, parts of Bangladesh and London among many other estates. Students in Nakuru seem to occupy these areas due to their proximity to the universities and colleges. These estates in Nakuru are also associated with cheap rental houses and affordable hostels for the students. The institutions in town where most students commute to include; Egerton University Town Campus, Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology, MKU, Kenyatta University, JKUAT, and many other colleges in Nakuru town. Nakuru has cheap household products and food stuffs especially when bought from the vendors in the estates.

Now you have a preview of Nakuru life.

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