Residential Estates Along Outer Ring Road In Nairobi, Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - February 23, 2022

Outer Ring Road in Nairobi connects Thika Road to Airport North Road at Allsops and Taj Shopping Mall in Nairobi respectively. The Outer Ring Road stretches well over 13 km and serves at least 2 million Nairobi residents. There are many housing estates in Nairobi located along Outer Ring Road. These estates in Nairobi situated along Outer Riing Road in order of location, are:

Ruaraka Estate Towards Thika Super Highway in Nairobi

Ruaraka Estate along Outer Ring Road in Nairobi houses middle class income earners in Kenya. Ruaraka Estate in Nairobi can also be accessed via Thika road and is located approximately 8kms from the City Center of Nairobi. Ruaraka Estate is located close to the Allsops stage in Nairobi.

Kariobangi South Estate in Nairobi

Kariobangi South Estate is located further away from Thika superhighway in Nairobi. Kariobangi South is a rather low income housing estate with both slum dwellings and apartments in Nairobi. Kariobangi south estate was developed shortly after Kariobangi north estate in Nairobi.

Umoja Estate in Nairobi

Umoja Estate in Nairobi is a middle income residential area along Outer Ring Road and it has been divided into 3 sections. There are Umoja I estate, Umoja II estate and Umoja Inner core estate all located along or near the Outer Ring Road in Nairobi. Umoja I estate in Nairobi is located along Outer Ring Road, Umoja II estate, a little inwards off Outer Ring Road while Inner Core estate in Nairobi is furthest from the Outer Ring Road.

Buruburu Estate in Nairobi

Buruburu estate in Nairobi has Phase I estate which is also located along Outer Ring Road, opposite Umoja Estate in Nairobi. The two estates, Umoja and Buruburu Phase I, are divided by the road and the famous Mtindwa market in Nairobi. Single bedroomed houses rent from KSH 7,000 and above depending on the condition of the rental house in Buruburu part of Nairobi.

Tena Estate in Nairobi

Just next to Umoja I estate, there is Tena estate in Nairobi which is a rather small and young housing area. There is no clear cut demarcation as to where Tena estate in Nairobi begins or Umoja I estate ends along the Outer Ring Road in Nairobi.

Donholm Estate in Nairobi

Donholm estate in Nairobi is a middle income residential area that stretches from Manyanja Road, off Outer Ring Road just past the Jogoo Road round about towards Nairobi River. Donholm Estate  in Nairobi consists of other smaller housing subdivisions such as Greenfields estate, savanna estate and Harambee estate in Nairobi.

Pipeline Estate in Nairobi

Pipeline area in Nairobi makes up part of the greater Embakasi area with estates such as Tassia and Fedha. Pipeline and Embakasi are both low and middle income housing estates in Nairobi. Tassia estate in Nairobi mostly has single room and one bedroomed houses while Fedha estate in Embakasi consists of one to three bedroomed apartments.

The Outer Ring Road is expected to be upgraded in the near future so as to better serve residents of Nairobi directly linked to it.

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