National Housing Corporation In Nairobi: Providing Affordable Housing Mortgages In Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - April 29, 2022

With the rapid population growth in Kenya, the need of decent affordable housing is on the rise. A study done shows that at least 80% of people living in Nairobi city in Kenya are affected by unemployment, school fees problems, the ever rising cost of living and housing problems in Nairobi. National Housing Corporation (NHC) in Kenya was established in 1953 by the Act of parliament as a statutory body. National Housing Corporation (NHC) in Kenya main mandate is to build decent affordable houses to Kenyans hence reducing the housing problem in Kenya and thus stimulate the real estate industry in Kenya.

Mortgage products varieties available through National Housing Corporation in Kenya

National Housing Corporation in Kenya has for the last 60 years offered thousands of Kenyans opportunities to realize their dream of owning a home stress free though offering mortgages in Kenya. National housing corporation in Kenya is continuously providing a feasible solution to the housing problem in Kenya. National Housing Corporation in Kenya provides various mortgage products to Kenyans that include; owner occupier, tenant purchase that is mainly done a few months after the ground breaking process of building the house or rental schemes at Nairobi upstate community of Woodley flats. Plot purchase mortgage product provided by National Housing Corporation in Kenya that enables Kenyans to get legally purchase land at affordable pricing. Construction mortgage product in Kenya provided by National Housing Corporation in Kenya, deals mainly with financing a project through National corporation developer in Kenya. Investment mortgage product via National Housing Corporation in Kenya that mainly deals with residential direct sales of houses to Kenyans and the examples are the Kileleshwa residential houses, Nairobi West residential houses and Madaraka residential houses. Rural Peri urban housing loan service in Kenya provided by National Housing Corporation in Kenya that encourages development of expansion of businesses and housing facilities in rural areas in Kenya at a subsidized cost.

Qualification requirements for National Housing Corporation scheme in Kenya 

Eligible candidates for National housing corporation scheme in Kenya should be above 18 years but not above 70 years old. The person eligible for National Housing Corporation scheme in Kenya should be of Kenyan citizenship with a seasonal consistent income. With their objective of building at least 150, 000 units a year, National Housing Corporation in Kenya currently lends loans in Kenya at an interest rate of 13% p.a in order to attract more Kenyans to their financing products and services thus literally turning dreams into homes.

Location of National Housing Corporation offices in Kenya

For more enquiries about mortgage loans with National Housing Corporation in Kenya, you can visit the National Housing Corporation offices at National Housing Corporation House in Nairobi located along the Aga Khan Walk. National Housing Corporation offices in Nairobi is opposite Cooperative Bank House in Nairobi. You can also contact the National Housing Corporation thorough their website at NHC in Nairobi can also be contacted through the National Housing Corporation official email address at [email protected] or call National Housing Corporation offices in Nairobi through their cell number; 0722 201 174 or 0722 201 175

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