How To Get To Buruburu Estate From Nairobi City Centre In Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - November 11, 2022

Buruburu Estate in Nairobi is located approximately four kilometers away from the city center  in the East lands area of Nairobi city. Buruburu is a middle class estate in Kenya characterized by modern buildings built in Nairobi town house orientation. Buruburu Estate in Nairobi is a commercial hub buzzing with banks, shops, supermarkets and the like. Buruburu Estate in Nairobi is an extensive estate in Nairobi with five phases, namely Buruburu Phase I to V. The estate in Nairobi also boasts of a modern library complex found within Buruburu shopping center.

Buruburu has at least 5 bank and ATMs. You can access banking services in Buruburu in Nairobi from cooperative bank of Kenya Buruburu branch. There are also automated teller machines (ATMs) that serve the Nairobi residents in Buruburu area Barclays bank, Krep Bank Kenya Commercial Bank, Equity Bank and the Standard Chartered Bank all have ATMs in Buruburu.

Tuskys supermarket, a popular supermarket chain in Nairobi also has a functional branch in Buruburu shopping centre.  Uchumi supermarket is also found within the Buruburu shopping centre. Off Jogoo Road, on Mumias South Road, there is pizza inn in Buruburu area for the pizza lovers in Nairobi.

There are many apartments coming up in Buruburu aiming to house the ever rising population of Nairobi residents. Rent in Buruburu ranges between KSH 8,000 to KSH 10,000 for one bedroomed house in Nairobi. Buruburu Estate in Nairobi is always buzzing with people conducting their business for most part of the night.

There is also a second hand clothes market in the popular Mutindwa Market in Nairobi that separates Buruburu Estate from Umoja Estate. Towards the edge of Mutindwa Market, neighboring Outering Road, there are grocers and vegetable vendors in Nairobi who sell fruits and fresh vegetables.

To get to Buruburu Estate from Nairobi city centre, you can pick buses to Buruburu areas near Tuskys Imara Supermarket on Accra Road in Nairobi Town in Kenya. There are also other buses to Buruburu in Nairobi located off Tom Mboya Street near the Rangers Eatery in Nairobi. Nowadays, some of the Umoja bound buses in Nairobi use the Buruburu route and cut across the Mutindwa Market to Umoja in Nairobi. Buruburu Estate in Nairobi has a couple of hospitals such as Metropolitan Hospital in Nairobi and Jamii hospital in Nairobi which serve the Nairobi residents in the area. The Buruburu police post in Nairobi, located about 200 meters from Buruburu shopping centre ensures that thigh levels of security are maintained.

The social life in Buruburu is vivacious and spirited with endless sports clubs and hangs out joints located within Buruburu shopping centre in Nairobi.

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