How To Get A KCB Mortgage Loan: Owning A House In Kenya Is Easy

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Owning a house in Kenya is one of major landmarks in an individual’s life. It does not matter whether one is rich or poor when it comes to dreaming of owning a house in Kenya. Kenyans take pride in their houses. Even those who are paid peanuts build mabati houses for their use. However, there is another route to take that can enable you get the house you previously only imagined living in. Mortgages in Kenya are fairly new phenomena. This is surprising given that a good number of Kenyans pay huge sums in the form of rent. But as more Kenyans take measures to achieve their resident goals, more banks and companies in Kenya are expanding their mortgage lending.

Kenya Commercial Bank is at the forefront when it comes to mortgages in Kenya. It partners with various companies in Kenya to provide not only loans for plots but also loans for construction of houses anywhere in Kenya. The KCB loans in Kenya available include home loans, mortgage plus, commercial loans, special scheme loans, estate development loans, investment group loans and Diaspora home loans. This caters for individual, groups and companies needs. The repayment period of the KCB loans in Kenya usually stretches up to twenty five years.

KCB in Kenya has gone a step further to help its clients achieve their goals. A mortgage agent is in place to talk to Kenyans who want to apply for a mortgage. The KCB website in Kenya,, is full of intensive information on the application process and the various requirements of the different types of mortgages available in Kenya. KCB also provides the names and contacts of various construction companies in Kenya willing to construct your dream house under the mortgage repayment. Up to 80 percent financial loan in Kenya is offered in many cases.

The beauty of KCB mortgages in Kenya is that they are not rigid. KCB understands that Kenyans may face trying times that may dissuade them from repaying their mortgage loan as stipulated. Sudden death, accidents, sickness or school fees may interfere with repayment plans of the KCB loans in Kenya. When this happens, Kenyans are advised to talk to their KCB agent in Kenya to chart a way forward and find a more suitable payment solution.

So how does one go about getting a KCB mortgage loan?

The first step of getting a KCB mortgage loan in Kenya is doing your research on the qualification process. Some types of loans in Kenya require minimal stipulations while others have more requirements. The second step is deciding how much your home is likely to cost in Kenya. This is of course according to your preference. Once you decide on the cost, talk to a construction company of your choice in Kenya or one listed on the KCB website in Kenya to find out whether they can work with you. Talk to a KCB mortgage agent in any KCB bank in Kenya and go over your mortgage plan. This is the point where you ask questions related to your mortgage loan in Kenya.

The next step of course is to wait for your dream home to become a reality. Yes, owning a home in Kenya is made possible through the provision of mortgage loans. Why not visit a KCB branch near you or the KCB website to find out more information? Remember, you should not wait until you are much older to start thinking about owning your own house in Kenya. In fact, with a twenty year repayment plan in Kenya, the sooner you start the faster you will own your own home in Kenya.

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