Challenges Facing Urbanisation In Kenya

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The current growth of towns that is collectively referred to as urbanization is one good but studies have shown that the faster growth of towns is affecting Kenyans in a number of ways. Many residents that leave the rural areas and move to urban regions end up getting a lot of problems along the way making it hard for them to cope up with the daily busy schedules of life. The following are some of the major challenges that come with urbanization in Kenya.

Lack of Jobs

The larger the number the few chances of securing employment in the largely growing industrial areas of Nairobi and other major towns in Kenya. It has come to the attention of many people that most end up quitting good ideas in the rural centers and moving to urban regions with the intention of finding good well paying jobs. The market is flooded making it hard to get vacancies in the various companies involved.

Air Pollution

Urbanization comes with the growth of industries. It has come to the attention of many people that most industries release a lot of harmful substances to the environment making it hard for the sustaining of plant and animal species. It is advisable that companies and industrial area get better ways of controlling pollution by educating people how to take care of the environment.


Most people that stay in the urban regions lack good jobs and business that can help them make money and earn a living from their sweat. It is due to the above reasons that many people are ending up in criminal activities and eventually stealing from innocent parties. Crime is more frequent in urban centers and ways need to be derived on how the rate can be controlled.


Staying in urban centers can be as well a challenging experience as new residents may end up getting infected with infectious diseases leading to many becoming sick and not having the best medical attention. The physical activity of a person will often change when they move to the urban centers and majority will be forced to have unhealthy nutrition diets.

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