Factors That Influence High Birth Rates In Kenya

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Kenya as a country is witnessing huge population growth something that needs to be taken seriously by the government.Many births are being witnesseed in the various hospitals making the population to grow each and everyday of life.It is advisable for people not to have children without proper planning.The folloing could be some of the factors promoting high birth rates in kenya.

Social economic consideration

It includes a set of cultural practices in which children are seen as assets for the community and can go ahead to be a good source of labour or the community.It is due to the above reason that many kenyans will endd up raising many kids believing that they will be of great benefit to the society.

Religious and cultural beliefs

They eventually encourage people to have big families and raise more children so as to feel the earth as taught by the Holy Bible.The belief makes many people to have children and have more big families than they can actually control.


Many people have been ignorant to the various family planning methods that have been recommended by medical tacticians.It is good for people to learn of better ways of following given sets of instructions so as to avoid being victimes of bad outcomes.

Lack of sex education

Many young girls in the country have ended up dropping outof school due to not being taught on matters about sex.It is very crucial for the government to learn of ways of providing sex education to kenyans to help them avoid giving birth to unwanted children.

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