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Crown Paints Company In Kenya; Providing Elegant Decorative Paints To Kenyans

crown paints company in kenya providing elegant decorative paints to kenyans


It is human nature to want to create a favorable impression with our friends, relatives, acquaintances and society as a whole. One way we can do this is by creating a beautiful lasting impression of their first experience in our homes. Many are the times that we spend millions on magnificent architectural designs in Kenya but fail to give an elegant finish in our homes either due to ignorance or misinformation on the type and color of paint we should use. Crown paints Kenya is a company that is always seeking to meet the specific needs and demands of customers in Kenya by striving to always listen and act on the customers concerns and ideas.  Crown paints Kenya Company provide services to Kenyans which include advising the paint customers in Kenya on the type of paint to use.

Products made available by Crown Paints Kenya

With the mission of transforming lifestyles while still caring for the environment, Crown paints company in Kenya has over the years provided Kenyans with a wide variety of affordable high quality, environmental friendly paints in Kenya. The Crown paints Kenya products target quality-conscious consumers in residential and commercial property market in Kenya with paints that are specifically designed for use in particular areas. The Crown paints Kenya products include; Decorative paints products in Kenya that are used within houses and offices. Crown paints Company in Kenya gives the paints customer in Kenya an option of choosing from the 2,000 colors made available throughout Kenya. Automotive paints product in Kenya is also provided by Crown paints company in Kenya. Automotive paints in Kenya are used on automobiles and airplanes painting in Kenya which comprise of metallic paint system and 2k acrylic system. Industrial paints products in Kenya provided by Crown paints Company that are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and are used in protection of assets in hostile environment like plants and machineries. 

Intermediate paints products provided by Crown Paints Company in Kenya are utilized in the protection of the painting system and includes products like undercoats, fillers and skimming products. Road marking paints products in Kenya provided by Crown paints company are fast drying thermoplastic and environment friendly hence used to mark roads and car parks in Kenya. Crown paints Company in Kenya also provide adhesives products in Kenya which are used as long lasting bonding products used to attach a wide variety of products including tiles, leather, wood, fabricators and paper.

Location of Crown Paints Offices in Kenya

With the mission and objective of being the most innovative colorful paint brand in Kenya, Crown Paints Kenya has opened various branches in Kenya in order to serve their customers better. Crown Paints head office in Kenya is located along Likoni Road in Industrial area part of Nairobi. Crown Paints Company in Nairobi can be contacted through their telephone number 020 6533604 or 0703 333 777 or via Crown Paints Company email at [email protected] or at [email protected]

Other Crown Paints Company branch offices in Kenya include the Automotive Division Crown Paints branch along Dar-es-alaam Road in Nairobi. Automotive Division Crown Paints branch in Kenya can be contacted on telephone number 020 6651331 or Automotive Division Crown Paints branch email address at [email protected].

Crown Paints Westlands Branch in Kenya is located on 2nd floor of Muthithi place along Muthithi Road. Crown Paints Westlands Branch in Nairobi can be contacted via Telephone number 020 4450760 or via Crown Paints Westlands Branch email address at [email protected].

Kisumu Crown Paints Branch in Kenya is located along Alego Street in Kisumu and can be contacted through the Kisumu Crown Paints Branch official telephone number 057-2024267 or via Kisumu Crown Paints Branch email through [email protected].

Mombasa Crown Paints Branch in Kenya is located along Gusii Street in Mombasa. You can contact Mombasa Crown Paints Branch telephone number 041-2314777 or via Mombasa Crown Paints Branch email at [email protected] .

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