Bj`s Electronics Shop In Kenya: Provides Online Shopping Services To Kenyans

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When you are looking for a top notch electronics shop in Kenya, think Bj’s electronic company in Kenya. Bj’s Electronic shop in Kenya is one of the leading electronic shops in Kenya that can be accessed physically as well as online in Kenya. In fact, Bj’s Electronic shop online in Kenya presence is so organized that you do not need to travel to the Bj’s shop location in Nairobi. Bj’s Electronic shop in Nairobi is located in Adams Arcade along Ngong Road. The variety of electronics found in Bj’s Electronic shop in Nairobi is enormous and it is quite easy to shop especially while shopping online for electronics in Kenya. Online shopping in Kenya is a possibility that many Kenyans are starting to embrace for its convenience. You only need a computer with internet access to shop onlinein Kenya. To access Bj’s Electronic shop online in Kenya, you should go to Bj’s Electronic shop website in Kenya at

Once you access the Bj’s Electronic online shop in Kenya site, you need to register with Bj’s Electronic online shop and therefore have your own account. This is because your account enables you to shop in Kenya and add items to your Bj’s Electronic online shopping cart so that you can pay after you are done with your shopping. There are various categories to shop from online with Bj’s Electronic shop in Kenya. The Bj’s Electronic shop home appliance page includes items such as microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines and cook ware. The Bj’s Electronic shop video games page includes gaming console and games. There is a software page on Bj’s Electronic shop in Kenya where you can shop for antivirus in Kenya and operating systems. The Bj’s Electronic shop digital category in Kenya let’s you view a variety of cameras and accessories while the audio section gives you access to home theatre systems, earphones, headphones, smart phones, tablets and accessories in Kenya. Different types of computers in Kenya, printers and scanners are also available for Kenyans to shop as are television sets, projectors and decoders.

Advantages of shopping online with Bj Electronics shop in Kenya

When you shop online at Bj’s online shop in Kenya, you are able to view more products that you would have not viewed physically at the Bj’s Electronic shop in Adams Archade in Nairobi. You can also do more research before shopping online in Kenya on the products to see their functionality. Bj’s electronic company in Kenya offers delivery services to Nairobi and various parts of Kenya at very affordable rates. In fact, Nairobi residents who purchase items above Kshs.5,000 enjoy free Bj’s Electronic shop delivery. Delivery of products shopped from Bj’s Electronic shop in Nairobi takes place within the next day while delivery of products shopped from Bj’s Electronic shop in Kenya to other parts of Kenya occurs within 4 to 5 business days.

Bj’s Electronic shop accepts different modes of payment from Mpesa to Paypal, Visa, Master card and American Express mode of payment in Kenya. Paying by Mpesa for goods bought from Bj’s Electronic shop is done through the Lipa Na Mpesa service in Kenya provided by Safaricom company in Kenya. The Lipa na Mpesa service in Kenya entails going to your Mpesa menu, choosing the payment services option, selecting the Buy Goods option, entering the till number of the business (you can find this on the Bj’s Electronic shop website in Kenya), entering the amount, then putting in your PIN and sending. Once the payment transaction is done, you need only wait for a few days if you chose to use the Bj’s Electronic shop delivery service in Kenya or you can go collect your items if you so prefer. Bj’s online shopping service in Kenya really does make shopping easier.

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