Ways To Prevent Malaria In Kenya

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Malaria is a disease that is affecting and eventually killing many kenya citizens. The disease has killed quite a number of people making it hard for them to continue their daily operations in mutual peace and conditions they deserve. It has come to the attention of many people that the disease can kill one within a very short period of time hence should be controlled to avoid further build up of problems. The following sets of steps are the most effective in controlling the disease.

Use of Mosquito Nets

The nets have been designed in such a way that they can inhibit mosquitoes from invading a certain person and causing harm to them. It has come to the attention of many that those who sleep without the protection offered by mosquito nets often become victims to the disease and the outcomes will result in severe suffering of malaria. It is therefore important for one to get better ways of having nets and prevent the bites from mosquitoes.

Spraying and Draining Stagnant water

Mosquitoes love breeding in places that have water. It is good if the initiative to stop the mosquitoes from affecting other people in the area. Water that accumulates should be drained and left to move to other places far from homestead or they should be sprayed well with the recommended chemicals to avoid infecting people.

Clearing Bushes and Slashing Grass

Most mosquitoes will breed well in places that have long grass and bushes that have not been slashed. The continuous build up of these insects will lead to them affecting people in the nearby home stead hence making them encounter a lot of hardships that come with the infection of malaria parasites. The leaving behind of long gasses is dangerous and should be avoided by the use of slathers and loan mowers to cut grass and clear bushes.

Using Mosquito coils

The coils contain a chemical that kills mosquitoe shwen they inhale a certain type of substance and it will continually affect the surrounding people in a more negative way.


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