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Heart diseases are among the killer diseases in Kenya which are very rare but may be caused by many factors which could be environmental or genetic. The heart diseases are varied and caused by various causes and the most disastrous are Cardiovascular Disease as well as Rheumatic Heart Disease. Through this, Kenya have been able to develop heart diseases centres to ensure that the citizens are safe from diseases which affect the heart, their preventions and how the diseases can be fully treated.

In Kenya, there are several heart-disease centers which have been established to serve the people infected with the chronic diseases. From these centers, Kenyan-Heart National Foundation is one of the best centers in Kenya for the heart diseases patients.

Kenyan-Heart National Foundation is a medical charity in Kenya which was established to serve the patients who have the heart diseases with the mission to serve the people in prevention, reduction, control, treatment and management of heart diseases through Public awareness and education with more emphasis on prevention. Through their work, they ensure that in their services they maintain a holistic approach to health. There are several programs that they run in their centers to ensure that the patients are safe and recover fast from the heart diseases. They include;

Heart Disease Prevention Program

Prevention of the heart diseases is the main focus and main business operations of the Kenyan-Heart National Foundation as it was established for the prevention of the diseases as they believe that prevention of any disease is always better and cheaper than treatment. They empower the general public by providing relevant information to allow them to make informed choices and lifestyle changes to live the heart healthy. They also encourage thorough examination of children at all clinics countrywide for early detection of not only heart diseases but other diseases as well. They have therefore ensure that they thoroughly prevent the many diseases and mainly the Rheumatic Heart Disease prevention which primarily affects children the age of 5 to 15 years.

Heart Disease Treatment Program

In the treatment of these diseases, they offer a lot of procedures which are carefully done to ensure the safety of the patients. They offer treatment programs in form of open and closed surgeries to needy Kenyan children and youth diagnosed with operatable heart conditions. In this program, they have entered into partnerships with Childspring International and Kenyatta National Hospital to offer this services to the needy and through a purely donor funded program. They also outsource Management Drugs and services for every needy patients required to be on regular medication.

Heart Disease Research and Training Program

Any disease treatment procedure require the research of the best medication that will ensure that the disease is suppressed and that the medication used has no side effects to the patients. They work closely with the Ministry of Public Health department to gather information on the prevalence of strep-sore throat. Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart disease information gathered is passed on to clinics and health centers for their records and disseminate the information to all the people even to local people. Kenya-Heart National Foundation also holds public talks and training seminars on prevention of Rheumatic Heart Diseases for individuals and groups. Those trained go on to become trainers of trainers (ToT’s) as this enables thorough dissemination of information across communities.

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