Services Provided To Rape Victims By Nairobi Womens Hospital In Kenya

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The statistics of rape in Kenya stands at an outrageous level. Studies conducted by the central bureau of statistics in Kenya between December 2006 and June 2007 show that in a Kenyan population of 33,947,100, a shocking figure of 40,500 women were raped, a figure that is highly disturbing. This figure of the rape cases in Kenya though high is conservative in the sense that only 1 out of every 20 women report rape cases in Kenya and only 1 out of 6 seek medical assistance in Kenya, meaning that the figure could be well over three times the reported figure of rape cases. Nairobi Womens Hospital in Kenya helps the victims of rape in Kenya who are brought in for medical assistance within 72 hours of occurrence of rape. Nairobi Womens Hospital in Kenya is located in Hurligham on Arwings Khodek Road in Nairobi. Nairobi Womens Hospital in Kenya is a facility uniquely designed to cater for the needs of each woman seeking assistance in Kenya. The hospital staff of Nairobi Womens Hospital in Kenya is trained to help rape victims with the aftermath and effects of rape, which includes both the physical and psychological trauma. To reach the Nairobi Womens Hospital in Kenya from the Nairobi central business district, one will have to board city hopper bus number 46 in the Nairobi Kencom stage opposite the Hilton Hotel.

The Nairobi Womens Hospital in Kenya especially specializes in dealing with the gynecological effects like Vaginal and anal bleeding, Vaginismus, Chronic pelvic pain, Urinary tract infections and Sexual transmitted diseases including HIV and aids infection and transmission. Nairobi Womens Hospital in Kenya gives intense therapy to ensure that the victim of rape in Kenya does not self blame and fall into a destructive phase of not seeking care, social isolation from other people, anger, aggression and extreme mood swings, eating disorders, substance abuse, anxiety and depression, which are all a way of avoidance of acceptance and coping with the situation, which in effect inhibits the healing process. Nairobi womens hospital in Kenya is striving to meet its vision of being the trusted healthcare of women in Kenya eventually the whole of Africa. Nairobi Womens Hospital in Kenya provides quality help for rape victims in our own country Kenya.

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