Premier Cosmetics Spa And Boutique In Westlands: For Day Spa Services In Nairobi, Kenya

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A spa is a haven for relaxation. Spas in Kenya are places where people go to unwind after long weeks at work. Sometimes our bodies need attention and pampering. The Premier Cosmetics Spa and Boutique in Kenya is tailor made for every Kenyan, whether man or woman. Premier Cosmetics Boutique and Spa in Kenya was started by Jane Mbogo who studied in Israel Premier Cosmetic laboratories. The founder of Premier Cosmetics Boutique and Spa in Kenya learned about the best cosmetics to use and later opened her boutique and spa in Kenya.

About Premier Boutique and Spa in Kenya

Premier is a line of products from the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the lowest part of the universe. In this sea, minerals accumulate and sink in the water. The amount of minerals in the Dead Sea water is incredible and is good to use as a face mask. The products in the Premier spa in Kenya are natural and, therefore, are good for human skin. After much laboratory research on Premier spa products in Kenya, it has been proven safe and many Kenyans get the facial treatment once in a while. The Premier Spa in Kenya is an affiliate company of the Premier Laboratories Company based in Israel. The products and minerals from the Dead Sea are used to make anti-ageing masks. Premier Laboratories Company in Israel provides cosmetics to countries worldwide including Kenya, South Africa and Australia. In Kenya, Premier Laboratories Company has provided products for the Boma Hotel in Kenya, Serena Hotels in Mombasa and Nairobi and Jacaranda Hospital in Kenya.

Why get Spa services in Nairobi from Premier Boutique and Spa in Kenya?

Research shows that women in Kenya spend approximately Ksh 14 billion monthly on beauty products and cosmetics. The cosmetic products offered in the Premier Spa in Kenya are worldwide and are proven to be effective. The Premier products used in Premier Spa in Kenya have been tried by many and tested all over the globe, and the results can attest to the effectiveness. The Premier products in Kenya reduce ageing and wrinkles making your skin moisturized, hydrated and healthy. Every woman wants to have radiant skin, and this is the product to invest in from Premier Spa and Cosmetics Boutique in Kenya. One of the premier products of Premier Spa in Kenya, The Miracle Mask product in Kenya purifies and nourishes the skin. From the age of thirty, the skin loses some of its ability to regenerate itself and The Miracle Mask Premier product in Kenya adds collagen to the skin and increases its elasticity.

Other services provided at Premier Spa in Kenya also include non surgical treatments and massage treatments in Nairobi that work wonders for your skin. The Premier Spa has a skin therapist in Kenya who gives various skin treatments to Kenyans according to your skin type since the skin varies with a person. These Premier Cosmetic products in Kenya are sold exclusively by the Premier Spa and Boutique in Nairobi, and therefore, are hard to get the premier products in supermarkets in Kenya. This avoids counterfeiting the premier cosmetics products in Kenya. This encourages people to visit the Premier Spa and Cosmetic Boutique in Nairobi to get the real deal.

Location of the Premier Spa and Cosmetics Boutique in Nairobi

You will get Premier Spa and Cosmetics Boutique in The Mall in Westlands part of Nairobi city. Premier Spa and Cosmetics Boutique in Westlands is located on the first floor of The Mall in Nairobi. From the Nairobi city centre, one can take a matatu to Westlands at Old Nation House in Nairobi. Alternatively, you can take a matatu to Westlands at Odeon Cinema in Nairobi or Latema Road in Nairobi. After alighting at Westlands main stage along Waiyaki Way in Nairobi, it is easy to get The Mall in Westlands from there. You can email Premier Spa in Westlands at or call at +254-721-130138. For more information about Premier Spa and Cosmetics Boutique in Nairobi, visit their website at


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