Location Of Mama Lucy Hospital In Nairobi Eastlands Area, Kenya

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Health in Kenya is ranked as one of the major basic needs which the government of Kenya has tried to meet its demand for many decades now. As one of the pillars of vision 2030 in Kenya, as well as the new constitution, high priority is placed to the provision of health services in Kenya. The mission of the government of Kenya has been to improve both preventive and curative health services to enable Kenyans to engage in productive nation building activities.

Though there are many challenges facing setting up of health facilities in Kenya, one being cost as the population of Kenyan is growing at a high rate, the government of Kenya has focused efforts in making sure almost every district in Kenya has a district level public hospital in Kenya with up to date hospital facilities and qualified doctors and nurses to deliver quality health services to Kenyan citizens. These public hospitals in Kenya have contributed a lot to the development due to the subsidized cost in the public hospitals in Kenya making them affordable to common Mwanainchi, as opposed to private hospitals in Kenya.

One of the recent government projects in Kenya is Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Kenya which was completed and officially opened by former president of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki. This Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Nairobi was and is a key Kenyan government’s efforts to provide essential health services to Kenyans. Mama Lucy hospital in Kenya was financed by both Kenyan and Chinese governments- which is a proof of the Kenyan governments’ efforts to improve the welfare of Kenyan citizens in conjunction with Chinese government which financed the construction of the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital facility in Nairobi as well as provision of medical equipments. The government of Kenya provided land and also supported purchase of additional equipments for the construction of Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Nairobi.

Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital has expanded health services in Kenya, not only to people in the Eastern part of Nairobi County in Kenya, but also to all Kenyans from all over. Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Nairobi has also reduced the pressure on the Kenyatta National Hospital in Upper Hill part of Nairobi which was previously serving the Nairobi area residents. Since Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Nairobi was opened, the government of Kenya has increased its funding to upgrade and equip the facilities that embrace information technology in the delivery of health services in Kenya. The government of Kenya has also ensured recruitment of more and qualified health workers in Kenya in effort of improving its service to Kenyan citizen. Some of the health services provided by the government of Kenya are such as reduction in maternal death in Kenya, infant deaths in Kenya and under-five mortality in Kenya and reduction of killer diseases in Kenya such as HIV/AIDS rates.

Mama Lucy hospital is a District hospital in Nairobi located along Spine Road in Umoja 3 estate in Nairobi. Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital is located in the east part of Nairobi in Embakasi Division. The Contact person in charge in Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital is Dr Ogata Medical Superintendant 0208022676. From Nairobi town in Kenya, you can access the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Umoja estate by any public vehicle passing along Kangundo Road such as buses or matatu to Kormarocks estate in Nairobi, buses to Ruai estate in Nairobi, buses to Umoja Estate in Nairobi and most of these buses to East Nairobi are found around Tusker bus station in Nairobi which is found along Ronald Ngala street.

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