Location Of Karen Hospital In Nairobi And Services Offered At The Karen Hospital In Nairobi, Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - March 21, 2023

Health care in Kenya is one of the important services to Humans and is almost a basic need. The healthcare service scene in Kenya consists of various hospitals and clinics. The Hospitals in Kenya are divided into public hospitals in Kenya and private hospitals in Kenya. Public hospitals in Kenya are those that are under the Government of Kenya while private hospitals in Kenya are owned by private individuals. Karen Hospital in Kenya falls under the category of private hospitals in Kenya, fairly new in comparison to others such as The Nairobi Hospital in Kenya and Aga Khan Hospital in Kenya.

The Karen Hospital in Nairobi was established in 2006. Karen Hospital in Kenya is situated in Karen area in Nairobi. Karen hospital in Nairobi is on Langata South Road. The Karen hospital in Karen is a healthcare provider in Kenya with multiple specialties. Services provided in Karen Hospital in Nairobi include emergency care and critical care. Karen Hospital emergency hotline is +254 702 222222. Karen Hospital also provide Surgical Services in Nairobi, which also include; Day surgery facility, Cosmetic and Re-constructive surgery, Dental and maxillofacial surgery in Nairobi, palliative care, rehabilitation in Nairobi, mental healthdiagnostics in Nairobi as well as medical research in Kenya. The Accident and Emergency unit of Karen Hospital in Nairobi operates on a 24 hour basis together with the Karen Hospital pharmacy and dialysis centre in Nairobi.

The Karen Hospital wards in Nairobi are divided into General wards, Executive suites, in patient wards, Private Rooms and Outpatient wards. One can also book appointments with Karen Hospital in Nairobi on specialised services such as with, an E.N.T specialist in Karen, The Heart Centre in Nairobi, Peripheral vascular diagnosis in Nairobi, Neurovascular diagnosis Nephrology in Nairobi, Ophthalmology in Karen Hospital, Orthopaedics in Karen Hospital, the Paediatric Unit in Karen Hospital, Paediatric cardiology in Nairobi and Urology in Nairobi. You can make an Appointment with Karen Hospital specialists by calling Mobile: 0711 283 597 or Office: 020 661 3201.

The Karen hospital has over 400 staff, three operation theatres in Nairobi catering to over 26 specialties and 102 beds. The Karen private hospital in Nairobi offers an International Patient Service in Kenya which organises your treatment packages, assistance with Visa, pick up from, airport, hotel reservations and any tourism trips in Kenya you may want to include subsequent to your recovery. The services provided by Karen Hospital include coordinating arrangement of appointments, medical advice in Nairobi and care and most importantly ensuring your comfort and well being.

The Karen hospital based in Nairobi has Karen Hospital satellite centres around Kenya. Karen hospital branches in Kenya include Karen Hospital in Chester House on Koinange Street in Nairobi, Karen Hospital Meru branch on Njuri Ncheke Road next to Royal Palace hotel in Meru, The Karen Hospital Nakuru Branch on Kijabe Street in Post bank Building, Karen Hospital Nyeri branch on Kenyatta Road in Caledonia House and just opposite White Rhino in Nyeri and Karen Hospital Karatina Clinic along Market Road in Karatina Town.

The Karen hospital also has a corporate services package in Kenya that has a variety of products. 1. OPD Services in Karen Hospital – This includes Doctor Consultations, Radiological diagnostics such as X-Rays, mammography, CT scan, Ultrasound, Pathological investigations, Non-invasive cardiology, Physiotherapy, and Hydro pool.2. Karen Hospital Ambulance Facility in Nairobi 3. In – patient Admissions (IPD-related services) in Karen Hospital 4. Health Awareness Lectures/ Workshops by Karen Hospital in Kenya 5. Executive Health Checkups and Blood Donation Camps by Karen Hospital in Nairobi.

With the addition of Karen Hospital to the list of hospitals in Kenya, Healthcare is meant to improve due to the increase of health care services in Kenya, and also the healthy competition that is bound to happen due to increase of health service providers in Kenya. This in turn leads to a win situation to the patients in Kenya.

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