Location Of Guru Nanak Hospital In Nairobi, Kenya

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The residents of Nairobi in Kenya access their health services in various hospitals located in major parts of Nairobi city. Guru Nanak Hospital is one of the many private and public hospitals in Nairobi city. Guru Nanak Hospital is a private hospital in Nairobi where Kenyans can access high quality medical treatment and the hospital in Nairobi has qualified professionals and doctors in Kenya. 

Guru Nanak Hospital in Nairobi is on the Murang’a Road and Park Road Junction. To get to Guru Nanak Hospital in Nairobi from Nairobi city centre, you board Murang`a Road matatus or buses and alight at Park Road Junction where the hospital is located in Nairobi. Murang`a Road Buses can be the buses to Thika Road such as Buses number 145 and 45 from the Tursker bus stage in Nairobi and along Ronald Ngala Street next to Turskys Magic Supermarket. You could also board matatu number 32 to Dandora estate in Nairobi and alight at the Park Road Junction on Murang`a Road.

The services offered in Guru Nanak Hospital in Nairobi include; Accidents and emergencies services in Nairobi, Outpatient services at Guru Nanak Hospital, In-patient services, Laboratory services in Nairobi, X-Ray and Ultra Sound services in Nairobi, Mobile X-Ray unit in Guru Nanak Hospital, Physiotherapy department in Guru Nanak Hospital, Maternity unit for delivery services in Nairobi, Maternal child health services in Nairobi, Full equipped theatre and day surgery setup in Guru Nanak Hospital, Pharmacy in Guru Nanak Hospital, Ultra modern dental unit for dental services in Nairobi, Guru Nanak Hospital Ambulance services in Nairobi, HIV/AIDS counselling in Nairobi and Guru Nanak Hospital VCT. Kenyans in need of health consultation in Nairobi can access Guru Nanak Hospital in Ngara area to acess affordable hospital facilities in Kenya.

Guru Nanak Hospital in Nairobi is located along Murang`a Road in Ngara part of Nairobi. To contact Guru Nanak Hospital in Kenya, you call telephone numbers +254-202392515 or +254722203884. The postal address of Guru Nanak Hospital In Nairobi is P.O. Box: 33071-00600 Ngara Road in Nairobi.

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