Location Of Aga Khan University Hospital In Nairobi, Kenya

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Health facilities in Kenya are considered one of necessary or actually basic need within every society with Kenya. Kenya offers many assisted living facilities ranking from local assisted living facilities in Kenya to international assisted living facilities in Kenya as well as private assisted living facilities in Kenya to public assisted living facilities with just one intention regarding providing health care bills to the Kenyan individuals. The Aga Khan University Hospital in Kenya is just about the major nursing homes in Nairobi that is a non-profitable organization.

The Aga Khan Hospital in Kenya offers different health care services in Nairobi to its patients in Kenya. Aga Khan University Hospital departments include; dental unit, crash and sudden emergency unit, family prescription drugs unit, pharmacy in Aga Khan University Hospital, dietetic providers, physiotherapy & treatment services in Aga Khan University Hospital, radiology in Aga Khan University Hospital, surgery treatment and women’s providers. Accident and emergency team in Aga Khan University Hospital has been providing services for the entire parts of Kenya through making certain that each patient is actually being assessed using a machine known as the Canadian Triage Acuity assortment (CTAS). The health professionals in Aga Khan University Hospital are experienced and are kept up-to-date with current health issues in Kenya.

The dental health care clinic team in Aga Khan University Hospital features often aimed to supply the top in dental health care healthcare providers in Kenya. Having a new dynamic labour force of experienced dentists in Kenya and in addition oral hygienist Aga Khan Nursing Homes in Kenya provides quality support to clients. The dietetic group in Aga Khan University Hospital has very seasoned advisor dieticians in Kenya, while using expertise to manage your diet-related problems and concern.

The pharmaceutical pill department in Aga Khan University Hospital ensures excellent care for all the patients. The main pharmacy of Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi is situated on the ground floor of Aga Khan University Hospital and principal building in Nairobi.

The Aga Khan University Hospital team in Nairobi provides highly qualified personal, comprehensive analysis providers and oral surgeries. The Aga Khan University Medical College Hospital in Kenya is located on 3rd parklands avenue in Nairobi. The Aga Khan University Hospital address is P. O. Box 30270-00100 in Nairobi.  The Aga Khan University Hospital can be contacted to book hospital appointments in Nairobi via email at us@akau.edu. The Aga Khan University Hospital website is at www.nursinghomes.akau.edu/nairobi/ .  

You can also reach the Aga Khan University Hospital  team of experts in Kenya via mobile or portable number +254(0)203662000, +254(0)203740000. You can get to Agha Khan Hospital via all community vehicles passing through Limuru Road in Nairobi. Some of the matatu in Nairobi that use the Limuru Road Route in Nairobi include; matatu to Banana estate in Nairobi, Matatu to Gachie and matatu to Ruaka which are picked near Turskys Daima along Tom Mboya in Nairobi.


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