Location, Contacts and Services Offered at Kakamega Hospices.

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Hospice is a special program designed to address the needs of terminally ill people. This is done by team health care providers who help the dying people manage pain until they die and also help the family through the process of bereavement once a patient dies.

The team of health care providers who work in hospice involves physicians, nurses, social workers, clergy, home health aids, volunteers, therapist sand family caregivers. The hospice services are available in a hospice facility, nursing homes and hospitals. In most cases the hospice care incorporates principles of palliative care in attending the patients who are in their last weeks or month of life so as to meet their needs.

In Kenya, there was no hospice initially but because of rise of chronic illness, the government has put the initiative of supporting hospice programmes. And now there are several hospices in Kenya. Kakamega town is one of the towns that got privileged to have one of the hospices around. It was formed with the main aim of providing quality are, information, training and support research on cancer and HIV/AIDS situation in Kenya. Health care providers working in hospices in Kenya have their association known as Kenya Hospice and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA)

The Kakamega hospice is located in Kakamega county referral hospital (the former Kakamega provincial hospital). It is just opposite the main gate of Kakamega county hospital. The out patients are attended from the main hospital (room 14) and are then referred to hospice. It costs only Kshs.50 by a motor cycle ride and it is only a fifteen minutes walking distance from the Kakamega Central business district.

The contacts of Kakamega hospice includes:

Kakamega Hospice.

P.O. Box 15, Kakamega, Kenya.

Telephone: 057-2509239

Email address; kakamegahospice@gmail.com.


The services offered at Kakamega hospice includes:

  • Out patients facilities.
  • Home visits.
  • Day care for terminally ill patients.
  • Hospital visit to those patients admitted to the hospital due to chronic diseases.
  • Bereavement services.
  • Training for both health care and non health care providers.

The Kakamega hospice was established in late 2012.

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