Kenya Cancer Association (KENCASA)

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It’s the leading national voluntary run nonprofit making organization in Kenya established in 1995 after Cancer emerged as a leading cause of death in the country. Its main headquarters is Located in Nairobi at the National Nurse Association complex. Some of the functions of the association include:

  • To raise public awareness on Cancer and prevention and early detection

  • Mobilize and lobby stakeholders to prioritize cancer in their programs.

  • To ensure high quality cancer care in Kenya

  • Research and patient support of people affected by Cancer

  • Advocacy in all Cancer related issues.

KENCASA has also involved in a number of pioneering work in the areas of Cancer. Some of the achievements of Kenya Cancer include;

  • Establishment of the children’s Cancer ward in major hospitals in Kenya, like in Kenyatta National Hospital.

  • Kenya Cancer has also been involved in numerous screening and cancer awareness activities in the country over the past years

  • The biggest achievement perhaps was the initiating, developing with experts and government ministries for the National Cancer Control Act that was signed into law by the Kenyan president in 2012.

To get in contact with the Kenya Cancer Association to volunteer, donate or visit Cancer patients all over Kenya one can call +254 20 267 7319/+254 717 666 044 or else if you want to know more about the Cancer Association you can visit their website

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