Best Hospitals in Thika

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Health facilities in Thika town and also along Thika road are growing and giving perfect health services. The population growth has led to increased need of health facilities in Thika.

Some of the commonly known hospitals in Thika include;

Thika level 5 hospital

Owned by ministry of health Kenya, Dr Jonah Mwangi is the hospital superintendant. The services offered in Thika level 5 hospital include; Antiretroviral therapy, curative inpatient services, family planning services, HIV clinic services and immunization services.

Kikuyu Hospital in Thika road

This hospital has existed for over 100 years, it offers women health services, diagnostic center, cardiovascular surgery, laparoscopic surgery, transplants, oncology. The screening and diagnostic services include; mammogram, cancer biopsy, ICT scans, Xrays, Ultra sound, Endoscopy, Electromyogram, EEG, EKG and MRI.

Surgical services for Kikuyu Hospital include; Surgery for in patient, Neurosurgery, General surgery, Gynecological urology. Surgeries for in patient include Neurosurgery, general surgery, Gynecological urology. Dermatology and dental services are also offered in Kikuyu Hospital in Thika road.  

Kikuyu hospital in Thika road also has emergency unit where emergency services and ICU services are offered. It has clinics for in patients and out patients, heart clinics, and cancer clinics are equipped with, modern facilities. Kikuyu Hospital in Thika offers women health services which include prenatal care, Lamaze classes, obstetrics and delivery, gynecological problems, Ectopic pregnancy and pediatric center. Kikuyu Hospital in Thika also offers immunization services, clinics of diabetes, dialysis, respiratory, VCT and dental.

The Hospital also has private ward and semi private ward, maternity ward, public ward, burn ward, pediatric ward and also cafeteria.

Mater Hospital Thika

Mater Hospital has been known for the famous Mater Heart Run, it is known for cardiac services. The hospital also has a nursing home and several satellite clinics. The satellite clinics include; Buruburu, Thika, Embakasi, Westlands and Kasarani.

Mater Hospital Thika offers both inpatient and outpatient services. It is equipped with modern screening machines and offers good services for all the patients. All the general services a patient will need in a hospital are offered in Mater Hospital.

Meridian Equator Hospital

Meridian Equator in Thika is located in Thika Arcade, ground floor. The services offered include doctor’s consultation, laboratory services, pharmacy. The hospital operates on a daily basis. Meridian Equator Hospital has several facilities and qualified doctors who are ready for consultation and serve the patients.

It has several clinics in ther parts of Kenya including, Westlands, Ongata Rongai, Nation Center, Kitengela, Nakuru, Mombasa, Machakos and Kisumu.

Mary Help of the sick Hospital Thika

Mary help hospital is known to generally treat all the ailments and sickness, the Hospital also offers screening for diseases. Mary Help Hospital Thika has a Christian foundation.

Most hospitals in Thika have qualified doctors and patients should confidently enquire for services in different hospitals and their cost. Doctors are always friendly ready to listen and serve all the patients without discrimination.

The patients are always advised to take the doctor’s prescription seriously; this is by purchasing the indicated medication and following the dosage instructions. Patients should be aware of counterfeit medicine which available in most pharmacies at a lower price. Purchase the original medicine because counterfeit medicine will just complete the issue.

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