Where To Buy Freshly Baked Cakes In Nairobi City

by Cynthia Kendeli  - August 1, 2023

Your best friend will be celebrating her 27th birthday in a week’s time and you have settled on buying her a cake around Nairobi. The problem is you have no oven to bake the cake yourself, and even if you had the oven you are not very sure of how to bake a white forest cake. Worse still you do not know where to buy cakes in Nairobi. It could not get worse-right? Wrong!

There are very many cake shops found in Nairobi city and even better is that they bake a variety of cake flavors, shapes and sizes. The most popular of the cake shops in Nairobi city is Valentine Cake House.  Valentine Cake House is located on Old Mutual House along Kimathi Street in Nairobi city, Kenya. The Valentine Cake House specialize in all sorts of cakes from birthday to wedding cakes in Kenya.

Valentines Cake House also bakes a variety of flavors such as marble cakes, passion cakes, white and black forest cakes and vanilla cakes for Nairobi dwellers. They also make diabetic cakes for people suffering from diabetes in Kenya. Most of the cake prices in Valentines cake House range from KSH 1000 for a half kilogram cake to approximately KSH 5,500 for cakes weighing 5 kilograms.

Paul’s Cookiemans in Kenya is yet another famous bakery in Nairobi City. There are at least two Paul Cookiemans stores found in Nairobi City. One is along Moi Avenue in the famous Ambassador building while the second one is located along Accra Road in the city of Nairobi. This bakery also sells cookies of different flavors.  Paul Cookiemans bakery has more affordable cakes as compared to Valentines Cake House in Nairobi. You can get well baked cakes for as low as KSH 600 for half a kilo.

Vasilis bakery found on Ambassador building is another bakery right at the heart of the center of Nairobi. Bakers Inn is also another cake shop found in Nairobi City.

You also have an option of buying cakes from the various supermarket chains in Kenya which are all over Nairobi City. The best part about supermarkets in Kenya these days is that most of them actually have a bakery segment within the supermarket. The supermarket bakeries in Nairobi also sell varieties of cake flavors as well as different sizes.

All these cake shops, which are located at the Heart of Nairobi City, do packaging of the cakes once they are purchased. Cake shops in Nairobi such as Bakers Inn and Valentines Cake House go as far as delivering cakes to your home at a small fee. There is no reason why you should not look forward to celebrating your best friends 27th birthday!

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