Services Provided In Jumuia Guest House In Nakuru Town, Kenya

by Cynthia Kendeli  - April 27, 2022

Jumuia Guest House in Kenya is one of the modern hotels in Nakuru town. Jumuia Guest House in Nakuru a two star hotel model in Kenya. Jumuia Guest House in Kenya was founded in 1972 and it is operated and managed by the council of churches in Kenya. Among other high class hotels found in Nakuru town, there is Merica Hotel in Nakuru CBD, Bontana hotel in Nakuru, Hotel Cathy in Nakuru, Mid Lands Hotel along Nakuru Eldoret Highway in Nakuru and of course Jumuia Guest House. 

Location of Jumuia Guest House in Nakuru town in Kenya

Jumuia Guest House in Kenya is located along the Kanu Street in Nakuru. Jumuia Guest House is off Flamingo Road in Nakuru Afraha Estate in Kenya. The Jumuia Guest House in Nakuru town is around 1.6 KM from Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya. Jumuia Guest House is a classy hotel in Nakuru that is 1KM away from the Nakuru central business district (Nakuru CBD). If you are travelling from Nairobi city, Jumuia Guest House in Nakuru is approximately 160 KM from the Nairobi city. Nakuru town in Kenya is about 2 to 3 hours to drive from Nairobi city in Kenya. If you are at Nakuru CBD, you can take a motorcycle to the Jumuia Guest House for only Kshs.30 or take a taxi to the hotel near Lake Nakuru in Kenya. If you are driving to Jumuia Guest House hotel in Nakuru, you should drive along Kenyatta Avenuue in Nakuru to the Merica Hotel in Nakuru where you should divert on you left towards Nyayo Gardens in Nakuru. Past Nyayo Garden you will find a junction to Catholic Diocese of Nakuru offices on the road towards Afraha stadium in Nakuru. Jumuia Guest House in Nakuru is located on Flamingo Road. 

Services offered at Jumuia Guest House in Nakuru Town in Kenya.

Since the Jumuia Guest House is placed at the floors of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, it is a hotel surrounded by the scenery tourist attractions in Nakuru. Jumuia Guest House is near Lake Nakuru national park in Kenya which is a famous tourist attraction site for flamingos in Kenya and the Menengai Crater in Nakuru. So the travelers in Kenya and tourists  in Kenya travelling to the major tourist scenes in Nakuru can get accommodation in Nakuru at Jumuia Guest House. Among other services provided by Jumuia Guest House in Nakuru town is accommodation and conferencing services in Nakuru.

Jumuia Guest House in nakuru town has around 60 rooms which are standardized and can accommodate various people’s preferences because it is arranged in such a way that the rooms are placed in single, twin and doubles beds in Nakuru. There are 16 twin rooms, 16 single rooms and 26 double rooms in Jumuia Guest House. All these rooms have standard beds which provide comfortable sleep and rest.

The conference halls of Jumuia Guest House in Nakuru are well varnished and well ventilated and this makes Jumuia Guest House the hotel in Nakuru with modern conference halls in Nakuru town. The Nakuru conference halls accommodate 25 to 200 people in a single hall. Jumuia guest house has four conference halls in Nakuru which are used for seminars by business people. These conference halls have free wireless internet connection which enables free browsing.

The restraunts of Jumuia Guest House in Nakuru town are well equipped with experience personnel who prepare both delicious local meals and international meals in Kenya. The restraunts overlooks the Jumuia Guest House garden and this provides a nice breeze to the visitors.

If you need more information about the Jumuia guest house in Nakuru town, you can call telephone number +254 512213477 and +254725494335 or contact Jumuia Guest House via email address [email protected] . You can also use the Jumuia Guest House in Kenya website at . Jumuia Guest House in Nakuru website in Kenya at Jumuia Guest house in Kenya has a branch in other parts of Kenya. Jumuia Guest House Kisumu town in Kenya is a Jumuia Resort in Kenya.

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