Location Of Artcaffe Cafes In Nairobi And The Services Offered In Artcaffe Restaurants In Kenya

by Cynthia Kendeli  - August 1, 2023

Artcaffe in Kenya is a café- restaurant and bakery that is located in Nairobi that opened its doors for the first time in 2009 and has various branches across the city. The Artcaffe in Nairobi as a café has a tastefully furnished black and white décor and all the cafes in Nairobi have an outdoor balcony, full cocktail bar, coffee bar and bakery in Kenya.

All the Artcaffe cafes in Nairobi open from 7am to 1am daily and on all holidays. One can also enjoy free WI- fi in Artcaffe hotels in Nairobi making it convenient for those with business meetings. There are also several magazines and newspapers in Artcaffe cafes in Nairobi available for their customers. The Artcaffe cafes in Nairobi also offer a delivery service at select branches at a small fee making it available for your convenience.

In terms of Artcaffe coffee in Nairobi, the Artcaffe cafes in Kenya are the source top of the line coffee beans which they roast their own coffee in house, and exhaustively and train their baristas. Some of the coffee types Artcaffe cafes in Nairobi use include Arabica coffee, Robusta coffee and Kilimanjaro coffee in Kenya. The machines Artcaffe cafes use to brew coffee in Kenya are handmade in Florence, Italy and they provide the perfect water pressure and milk steaming capabilities, each and every time to produce the highest quality tasting coffee. Other than coffee in Kenya, the Artcaffe café in Nairobi has other beverages on offer such as tea, fruit juices and milk shakes.

The Artcaffe bakery in Nairobi is European styled bakery that offers goods that are daily fresh baked and homemade from the finest local and imported ingredients. One of the baked goods in Artcaffe in Nairobi to look forward are their crispy and soft croissant and their large and diverse assortment of cakes in Nairobi such as their tricolade cake which is a layered cake with milk chocolate, mocha mousse and white chocolate another bakery favorite is the Art Volcano which is a chocolate soufflé with a white chocolate center that explodes. There is also a large array of bread in Artcaffe in Nairobi that is available for one to buy and take away home.

The Artcaffe restaurant in Nairobi has a large selection on the menu that offers several meals that would satisfy your palate be it lunch or dinner in Nairobi. Some of the meals on offer in Artcaffe hotels in Nairobi include salads and sandwiches, pasta dishes, the chicken schnitzel, vegetable curry and burgers. The Artcaffe restaurants in Kenya also have various desserts and starters on offer. The also have a wide wine, beer and liquor selection that includes their own brewed beer and sangria.

The various locations of the Artcaffe café-restaurant in Nairobi are; Artcaffe restaurant Gigiri in Nairobi- The Artcaffe café in Gigiri part of Nairobi is located at the Village Market in Nairobi and is the Artcaffe main bakery in Nairobi for all their cafes in Nairobi and it also offers an additional “Happy Hour” menu from 4pm-7pm. The second cafe in Nairobi is the Artcaffe Junction in Nairobi- Artcaffe in Junction part of Nairobi is located at the Junction shopping mall in Nairobi along Ngong Road and consists of couches and private boots with a spacious lounge for seating. There is another Artcaffe Karen in Nairobi- Artcaffe in Karen part of Nairobi is located at Galleria shopping mall in Nairobi on Langata Road and it has a lovely airy atmosphere. There is another Artcaffe Thika in Nairobi- This Artcaffe in Thika is located at the Thika Road Mall in Nairobi on Thika Road right next to Roysambu part of Nairobi and is the Artcaffe cafe situated on the second floor of the Thika Road mall.

The art café in Nairobi ensure that you get value for money by offering high quality foods and coffee in Nairobi that will keep you coming for more. The Artcaffe café is ideal for dates, business meetings or just casual dinner in Nairobi or lunch or just some quick breakfast and it is bound to leave you happy and satisfied.

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