How To Get To Green Hills Hotel In Nyeri Town In Kenya

by Cynthia Kendeli  - August 1, 2023

The Green Hills hotel in Kenya is one of the popular hotels in Nyeri town. Green Hills hotel in Nyeri town in Kenya is one of the few star hotels in the rather dormant and quiet town of Nyeri. Green Hills hotel is found close to Nyeri town in the lush suburbs of Ring Road estate in Nyeri town. Green Hills hotel in Kenya is located approximately one kilometer from Nyeri town. Green Hills hotel has an ambient and serene environment and is an ideal getaway from the hustles and bustles of Nyeri town in Kenya. Green Hills hotel in Nyeri is a favorite for most residents of Nyeri town. Green Hills hotel in Kenya is a popular spot for family outings and afternoon relaxations.

Green Hills hotel has a swimming pool in Nyeri accessible to the public at a fee. The public is usually charged an affordable KSH.200 for each swimming session in Green Hills hotel in Nyeri. There are very few swimming pools within Nyeri town in Kenya and as such Green Hills is famous for having an accessible swimming pool minutes away from the Nyeri town centre. Green Hills Hotel is also popular amongst the Nyeri town’s revelers. The Green Hills hotel has a club in Nyeri town that usually hosts celebrations during public holidays and events such as Christmas or New Years parties in Kenya. Being located in the affluent Ring Road estate in Nyeri town, Green Hills hotel acts as a hood chill spot for residents of Mumbi estate in Nyeri and Kimathi estate in Nyeri as well.

Green Hills hotel also offers accommodation in Nyeri town to both local and international visitors in Kenya. The Green Hills hotel also has a restaurant in Nyeri town that mostly serves African cuisine. The large sitting and outdoor space ensures that the hotel can comfortably host a large number of people within site. Green Hills hotel also has a conference room in Nyeri that is usually rented out for various meetings and discussions.

There are no public vehicles in Nyeri town that can get you to Green Hills hotel. However, being located close to Nyeri town, Green Hills hotel is a footing distance away from the Nyeri town centre. The Green Hills hotel can be accessed from various entry points from the Nyeri town centre, one being towards Kimathi Estate in Nyeri from the Nyeri Gospel Outreach church and the other being from Standard Chartered bank Nyeri branch.

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