Fast Food Joints In Nairobi, Kenya

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Appetizing, Convenient, Divine, Enjoyable, Mouth-watering are some of the words that can be used to describe Fast foods in Kenya. Most people in Kenya prefer fast foods due to their affordability and also convenience owing to their busy schedules. In Kenya, there exists a wide variety of fast food places from where one would get fast food that spoil you for choice. Within the CBD of Nairobi and around most of Kenya we have Kenchic Inn, which specializes in chips and rotisserie style chicken commonly referred to as ‘kuku Sama’. Meals in Kenya in these joints are the locals favourite because of the low prices, taste, and the chicken quality. Staple menu in Kenya has quarter, half, and full chicken meals with fries.

The Innscor Kenya Ltd, which owns various franchises such as Pizza inn, Galito’s, creamy inn and chicken inn in Kenya, also provide the nation with fast foods. Most of these fast food joints in Kenya are found together within the same location either in the city of Nairobi or at various selected Oil Libya petrol stations and Kenol/ Kobil Petrol stations in Kenya thus providing food on the go for the average consumers.

Pizza inn in Kenya specializes in a variety of American-style pizzas and pitta breads and has a large selection of tantalizing flavors to satisfy the palate such as the peri peri, meat deluxe among others. Pizza in in Nairobi are especially well known for their weekly deals known as terrific Tuesday where you get two pizzas at a subsidized price and are a hit among many Nairobi people. Galito’s and chicken inn in Nairobi also offer different styles chicken meals such as  the marinated flame grilled chicken, chicken burgers that mostly come with fries and salads and also the chicken strips and rice that are bound to satisfy the customer.

For those looking for crispy crunchy, Chicken Steers in Nairobi is the place to be, it boasts of the widest range of flame grilled burgers, tasty fried chicken, grilled chicken and excellent chips bound to excite your taste buds.  Steers has its sister joint known as Debonairs Pizza in Nairobi which  offers various pizzas allowing customers to choose from a range of classic and special pizzas.  Pizza inn also offers various subs which are a French baguette with lots of choices.

New entrant to the market of fast foods is KFC in Nairobi. KFC in Nairobi has three restaurants distributed around Nairobi. KFC in Kenya are well known for their chicken that boasts of a secret recipe that gives it spicy tasty trademark flavor. For the burger lovers there are new entrants in the fast food market known as Big Square in Nairobi, that have a wonderful selection of tasty juicy burgers, succulent ribs, fresh salads and also a variety of cakes and tea/coffee.

For those out for more variety of chicken, Chicking has impressed many with their halal fried chicken. Delicious, crispy with generous portions with branches in Nairobi town and parklands in Nairobi outskirts. For those in Kenya that still feel the fast food selection is narrow there are still a number of smaller restaurants around many malls around the country with equally good food to satisfy your needs and cravings.  So next time you are hungry and could do with a quick meal you know where to go in Kenya. Bon appetite!

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