Who Is The Richest Kenyan? You Would Never Guess.

by Ekai Kaoo  - August 1, 2023

It’s always hard to determine the wealth of many rich Kenyans because most of their wealth is ill-gotten and so not accounted for. Richness in Kenya is what everyone seek for through engaging in daily efforts in this world. Some Kenyans even go to the extent of engaging in ill ways to acquire wealth in Kenya.  But money is money, right?

Many people have highlighted the Kenyatta family as the richest but here we are not talking about family. We want to know that one individual who brags to be the boss of all. Exempting to count cash stashed in foreign accounts, we need to identify that one Kenyan who has it all. The retired president Moi is touted to be worth 300 billion Kenyan shillings. Quite a sum, right? The old man owns vast lands in the rich fertile lands of Kenya, also with investments in a service industry like Insurance and Banking.


It would be fair to give the man the trophy of the richest man in Kenya. Former president of Kenya is the richest person in Kenya, though he does not always show it off. He ruled Kenya for close to 25 years. Over the years the former president of Kenya, Moi gathered a lot of riches to even have overtaken the richest families in Kenya before his time.

Now I know you are wondering how rich the Moi family can be?

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