How To Get Bima Mkononi Life Insurance For As Little As Ksh15 Weekly Premium On Mobile Phone In Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - August 1, 2023

Not so long ago, life insurance was a foreign concept in Kenya. Kenyans simply did not get the gist of life insurance. In addition to this, Kenyans who understood what the hype was all about simply could not afford life insurance in Kenya. Life insurance cover in Kenya ensures that you lessen the financial burden on a loved one when the time comes that life is no longer an option. The high charges placed on premiums in Kenya have long been a discouragement for many Kenyans who wanted to get a life cover in Kenya. However, Pan Africa Life Assurance Limited in Kenya has now teamed up with Airtel Kenya and MicroEnsure in Kenya to ensure that Kenyans in all walks of life can afford life insurance.

How to get a life insurance through Pan Africa Life Assurance Limited

Kenyans can now get life insurance services through the mobile phone. So how does life insurance work? The first step is deciding the kind of premium you can comfortably afford each week. It is good to note that the amount of life insurance in Kenya will depend on the kind of premium you choose. The lowest starting rate is Ksh15 per week, and this will give you a cover of Ksh25,000 plus an additional Ksh25,000 for your loved one. Other premium charges in Kenya are Ksh25, Ksh35, Ksh45 which will provide a life cover in Kenya of Ksh50,000, Ksh75,000 and Ksh100,000 for you and a similar amount for a loved one.

How can you access the Bima Mkononi life insurance service in Kenya?

The life insurance service by Pan Africa Life Assurance Limited in Kenya can be accessed by dialing *305# on your phone. It is called ‘Bima Mkononi’. Bima Mkononi is a life insurance service available to Airtel subscribers in Kenya. When you dial *305#, you will the option of borrowing money and the option of Bima Mkononi. Choose the second option and you will be directed on how to proceed. The weekly premium is paid via Airtel in Kenya and the claim disbursement will be done through Airtel money in Kenya. This means that you can apply for the Bima Mkononi service wherever you are in Kenya. It also means that you do not have to travel to a physical location in Kenya in order to pay for your life insurance premium in Kenya. This makes Bima Mkononi life insurance service in Kenya very convenient and affordable to Kenyans everywhere. There are no forms to fill on this Bima Mkononi service in Kenya by Pan Africa Life Assurance Limited, and the procedure is straightforward.

Getting a life insurance cover in Kenya is no longer only for the rich. A little planning and a little money can help you live your life knowing your loved ones are in good hands. Pan Africa Life works for ordinary Kenyans and their loved ones. Bima Mkononi service is cheap and convenient for Kenyans to acquire life assurance cover. Pan Africa Life Assurance Company in Kenya is also a very good partner to help you in your quest of taking care of your family through getting a life assurance cover in Kenya cheaply.

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