How To Buy Goods On Credit In Kenya: AFB Retails Credit Cards Usage In Kenya

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Most supermarkets in Kenya can now enable Kenyans to buy goods on loan in Kenya. Loans in Kenya come in handy when you need emergency funds in Kenya, and that is what AFB credit card in Kenya are meant for. You are given a period of time to repay the amount of loan you take via doing shopping with an AFB card in Kenya.

AFB credit cards in Kenya are a product of African Business Finance Company which invested Ksh 250 million in Kenya in April 2013. African Business Finance (AFB) is a Mauritius-based firm which has enabled Kenyans to get access to buying goods loans in Kenya. African Business Finance firm has opened AFB offices in Kenya which are located in Nairobi along Mombasa Road. To get to AFB offices on Mombasa Road, you board matatu number 33 opposite Kenya National Archives which ply the Mombasa Road Route in Nairobi.

How AFB Retail Credit Cards and AFB Loan work in Kenya

AFB retail credit card in Kenya allows customers in Kenya to spread the cost of purchases into affordable monthly instalments over a six months period. The due date for payment each instalment of AFB loan in Kenya is the 1st of every month. AFB company in Kenya avails affordable loans to Kenyans.

Requirements for applying for an AFB Credit Card in Kenya

To qualify for an AFB credit card in Kenya, you need to have a National ID card and produce a KRA pin- in case you are an employed AFB credit card applicant in Kenya or produce the last three months Mpesa statement from Safaricom Customer Care Shop in Kenya- in case you are unemployed Kenyan AFB credit card applicant. To get an AFB credit card from an AFB agent in Kenya, you will also need to fill an application form from a supermarket or store near you.

Retail shops and supermarkets in Kenya accepting AFB Credit Cards

There are many retail shops and supermarkets in Nairobi and beyond where Kenyans can shop for back to school commodities on credit in Kenya. You can also do other shopping using AFB loan in Kenya. Examples of AFB credit card accepting supermarkets and shopping outlets in Nairobi include: Using AFB Retail Credit Card to buy school uniforms in Kenya for your kids from Animet Outlet located in Yaya Centre in Nairobi. Other places in Kenya where you can shop using the AFB retail credit card unit include Tumaini Supermarket in Rongai area in Nairobi, Nafuumatt Supermarket in Gikomba area of Nairobi and Text Book Centre in Thika Road Mall along Thika Road in Nairobi. You can do shopping in Kenya on credit using the AFB credit card especially for going back to school in Kenya. You can get more places in Kenya where AFB credit cards can be used to shop at the AFB website 

AFB New year shopping offer in Kenya

AFB Company in Kenya has made offers to Kenyans for the new year in Kenya. When you apply for an AFB loan card in Kenya, and if you spend Ksh 5,000 on your first purchase, AFB firm in Kenya will deduct Ksh 1,000 off your first AFB loan repayment. You can get more details from the AFB website at 


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