Features and Benefits of iBank banking service offered by Diamond Trust Bank (DTB)

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Banking services in Kenya has been in the rise due to the demand created by the increasing number of Kenyans who have come to realize the benefits of banking services to them and their future. Banking has ensured that the people can be able to access various products beneficial to them offered by banks. For this therefore, banks have ensured that they invent new services that will ensure that their customers are satisfied by these services.

Diamond Trust Bank is one of the banks which have been recently established to offer banking services and from its establishment, it has ensure that their customers have the best banking services. DTB is one of the leading and listed institutions in Kenya in the stock exchange market due to their experience. They mainly focus on SME sector and commitment to enhancing convenience for customers. This bank also enable people to advance with confidence and success. In their list of their best offered service, they have in their operation the iBank service that is meant for businesses and incorporated as an electronic banking service.

DTB iBank service is a corporate online solution for any business which enable the control of the cash flows in various ways including viewing statements, extracting various reports on the bank account, receiving alerts and making online payments through a wide variety of payment methods and many more features. This service is meant for the smooth running of the businesses and through it, efficiency is achieved in the business. iBank banking service provides a platform for the business banking needs and majorly die to the advancement in technology. Through this service, the business can be able to view account transaction anytime from anywhere, generate reports as well as many functions.

Features of iBank service

Online generation of statements and balance enquiries, supports multi-currency online transactions through a variety of payment methods which include Internal Fund Transfer (IFT), Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), Real Time Gross Settlement, international fund transfer via SWIFT, International and Domestic Drafts, Real Time Gross Settlement and Real Time MIS for all the transactions, Bill payment, Cheque status inquiry, Loan request, Customer care self-services, viewing of all the notifications, alert message and general message on request, exchange rate inquiries as well as loan interest rates inquiry. All these services and features ensure that the customers are able to bank and use the services from anywhere over the internet.

Advantages of iBank Service

The iBank Services also are accompanied by advantages through its use. The service being the most modern service in the market offer benefits such as;

They offer the ability to manage payment from the comfort of an office or anywhere else in the world using an internet connection, enable receiving of mail or SMS alerts every time a transaction is carried out, enable automation of scheduled payments, allow for creation and management of future dated payment, generate account and MIS reports at will, printing of statements and viewing details of all accounts and transactions online or download them in any format which is required, integrate all payments to the back end accounting and payroll systems, ability to register a biller and pay the bill to the registered biller, check the status of cheques for an account and generating specific reports for paid cheques, stopped cheques, paid cheques for a given period and for a given cheque range or single cheque as well as ability to set alerts, register and view personalized and predefined reports. The service is also accompanied by the ability to view the address and location of an ATM or branch of DTB bank, viewing the latest exchange rate for various currencies offered for buying and selling by the bank as well as viewing the latest interest rates offered by the banks for various term deposits, savings and current accounts.


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