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Where To Buy Shoes In Nairobi City In Kenya

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So, you have spotted some nice studded Aldo heels in the Cosmopolitan magazine and you are just wondering where you can get such in Nairobi? There are very many shoe shops in Nairobi and more so within the city center. From doll shoes, to boyfriend shoes you will most definitely be spoilt for choice. Better still, you can find shoes in Nairobi at amazingly affordable prices as compared to other Nairobi upmarket shoe stalls. Here are a few leads:

World Business Centre in Nairobi

World Business Centre in Nairobi is a very common shoe shopping center even for most Kenyan celebrities. Located along Tom Mboya Street, opposite the famous Odeon Cinema, the World Business Centre in Nairobi houses over 40 stalls half of which deal in shoes. Being strategically placed along a busy Tom Mboya Street and Road in Nairobi center, potential buyers are more wooed into the building by the awesome array of displayed shoes on the windows. The World Business Centre in Kenya also houses stalls that sell mean wear too. It is most definitely worth checking out.

Jamia Mall in Nairobi

There are over 30 boutiques selling clothes and shoes in Jamia Mall in Nairobi.  Some of the shoe stalls in Nairobi are found along Kigali Road but for the rest, you have to actually get into the mall to do your shoe shopping in Nairobi.

`Speaker shoe shops` in Nairobi

Well, these have no names! You read right!! There is a chain of exclusive shoe shops in Nairobi that have sprouted within the City`s Central Business District with characteristic loud music and speakers hanged at their doorstep. One of the shoe shops in Nairobi is located along Accra Road towards Tearoom in Nairobi. Another shoe shop in Nairobi is located along Ronald Ngala Avenue just off Tom Mboya Street while the third one is located near Afya Center along Tom Mboya Street too. These shoe shops in Nairobi are always having amazing offers on all types of flat shoes. The shops in Nairobi also trade in trendy men wear. Shoes in these Nairobi stalls go for as little as KSH 600 in these” Speaker shops” so to say.

Ngara Stalls in Nairobi

Although these Ngara shops are located a little further from Nairobi town than the other shops named above, they too have some epic trendy shoes. The shoes are usually displayed for all passersby to see on the Ngara stalls located on Murang`a Road in Nairobi.  The shoe vendors in Nairobi go as far as actually pulling potential buyers to their Ngara Stalls to buy their wares.

Mr. Price in Nairobi

Last but not least is Mr. Price. Mr Price is one of the upmarket shoe and clothes shops in Nairobi and is located within the city center. Mr. Price is a rather recent Deacons Entity in Kenya and it is located right at the heart of Nairobi city center on Stan Bank House along Moi Avenue. You are guaranteed to get most of the trendy shoes in Mr. Price.

Again, for those who are a tad too strained on budgets, there are shoe vendors in Nairobi selling second hand pair of shoes. Most of these Nairobi shoe vendors usually resurface in the early night hours for fear of the city council askaris in Nairobi. However, you can get second hand shoes in Nairobi at the Khoja Roundabout towards Ngara at any time of the day.

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