Nairobi Chic Eye Make Up: Beauty Parlours in Nairobi, Kenya

by Wa Kimani  - August 1, 2023

Ladies in Nairobi seek to get their faces enhanced by going to beauty parlours and salons. Eyebrow shaping, putting eye make up and having facials within Nairobi can be done in many Beauty palours in Nairobi city centre. Some of the beauty parlours in Nairobi city centre include Salons located in Kenwood House on Moi Avenue opposite Nation Centre and Salons in Kenya Cinema along Tom Mboya Street near Afya Centre. Make up in Nairobi is used to enhance outer beauty as well as hide a few flaws. Make up in Kenya then should not make you look like you had fallen into a can of paint. To throw in my two cents to the matter, I say `The less, the better`. It would be interesting to note that as I write this piece, I do not wear any make up,s ave for a simple touch of lip gloss. Not because I dont like make up but probably because my `less`_as explained  in the paragraph above goes as far as zero. However properly applied make up in Kenya is totally smashing. It makes one look like `a glass of water with ice to a man stranded in a desert at noon` as Dr Mich Egwang would put it. Eye make up is what`s most eye-catching- (pun intended!)

Eye shadow in Nairobi goes a long way in defining a natural or a dramatic look. I am not sure if eyeshadow should extend to the brow though. I personally think that it should not. It should be on the eyelid and just slightly above the lid-crease.

Then we get to the eye liner in Kenya. Yes an eye liner shows the outlines of the eye and should most certainly not be overdone. It is advisable to stick to a colour that complements your complexion. Ashy grays and white eyeliners are not my cup of tea. I vouch for brown or black-perhaps.

Mascara in Nairobi beats lash extensions face down. I would go for mascara anytime!It tends to have a naturally elongating effect on the eyelashes. Fake eyelashes could not look any faker!(if such a word exists). We would not want eyelashes melting away especially in the sunny Nairobi weather as did the wax fixed wings of the character who flew very close to the sun in some old tale. However, for those who prefer having fake eyelashes, there are beauty salons and parlours which offer such services in Nairobi. 

A nicely trimmed pair of eyebrows is the coating on the cake. You are likely to get away with this- even with no eye makeup. Nicely shaped and neat eyebrows simply give you the edge!! Eyebrow shaping in Nairobi is a cost effective affair. Kenyan salons would have them trimmed for as low so 150shillings or thereabout but ranging higher in upmarket salons. It is definitely worth the investment. There are some people who can do this only with a set of tweezers and a mirror! To them we say…Lucky are they!

And for the divas! There i something I hear referred to as the `Smoky Eye`. (Why Smoky???anyway…..). It involves blending in lighter and darker shades of eye shadow so as to have a fading overlap. Applying mascara on the upper eyelash and a soft sweep over the lower lash is the last step. I advise that this should be done by a professional lest you end up doing it wrong.

Now, as I sign off- there is one thing that I have up to date never understood. Why would anyone shave off their entire eyebrows, only to redraw them back with eyeliner?

I leave that to the experts!  

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