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Location Of Bestly Cosmetics Limited Retail Stores In Various Towns In Kenya

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Since time immemorial, women have always been mesmerized by hair and beauty in Kenya. From all corners of Kenya, especially in Nairobi, women are fascinated with the prospect of enhancing their beauty. Weaves, braids and wigs in Kenya are usually used to enhance the outward beauty and to hide flaws and shortcomings that are often associated with natural kinky African hair in Kenya. Weaves, braids and wigs in Kenya are usually the main hair products availed by Bestly Cosmetics Retail shops in Kenya and they come to the rescue of many Kenyan women who, for personal reasons, choose not to deal with the hustles of caring for their natural hairs every day.

Products of Bestly Cosmetics Limited in Kenya

Bestly cosmetic limited in Kenya is a well stocked consumer retail and wholesale supermarket in Kenya that deals with designer cosmetic brands that include hair care and accessories, make up, body care, skin care and nail polish that comes in several colors. Bestly cosmetic limited in Kenya stocks a wide range of weaves, wigs and braids and many other hair products in Kenya that comes in different styles and colors hence reducing the need of moving from one store or supermarket in Kenya to another for a wide range of hair products and accessories. The customers’ main dilemma is choosing their preferred hair accessory depending on the type, taste and color for the ideal look they want to pull. Synthetic fashion hair accessories in Bestly Cosmetics Company limited in Kenya range from naturally elegant accessories for that sophisticated look to the daring dramatic hair accessories for a dazzling chic look. The prices of hair products in Bestly Cosmetics Company Limited in Kenya range from Ksh 55 to Ksh 245 for braids, Kshs 350 to Ksh 1,500 for weaves and Kshs 1,500 to Kshs 3,000 for wigs in Bestly cosmetics supermarket in Kenya.

Location of Bestly Cosmetics Company Limited in Kenya

Bestly cosmetics limited company in Kenya has several stores located throughout Kenya. In Nairobi, the Bestly Cosmetics retail store is located along Ronald Ngala Street in Nairobi, off Tom Mboya Street next to Ukwala Supermarket. There is also a Bestly limited company retail shop in Nairobi along Moi Avenue next to Bata shop. There is also a third Bestly Cosmetics shop in Nairobi at Nyakio Road along River Road in Nairobi. Bestly cosmetics limited company in Nakuru town in Kenya is located near KANU Hall in Cigma Plaza along the Nakuru Nairobi Highway. Bestly wholesale store In Eldoret town in Kenya is located along Oloo Street in Eldoret and just opposite ArcEldoret. Bestly Cosmetics store in Mombasa town in Kenya is located along Digo Road in Mombasa just opposite the Bank of Baroda Mombasa Branch in Kenya.

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