How To Manage A Bad Hair Day In Kenya

by Wa Kimani  - May 4, 2023

Your long time friend calls you for a new movie showing at IMAX on Saturday afternoon In Nairobi. You are clad in that fancy blue chino pants, and a matching top that shows your just healed tattoo. Everything seems perfect save for your hair that looks like a ball of cotton wool. Let’s face it; we have all experienced those days a look at the mirror attests to having passed through a hurricane! Bad hair days are every girl’s nightmare in Nairobi, especially on those days when you need to step out. You have to scurry for a fast solution. The financial strain leave alone the time we need in a salon contribute to extended periods of bad hair in Kenya.  Here are a few quick ways to fix this hitch.

1)    Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is efficient for those scalps that look like you just stepped out from an oil rig. For greasy looking hair, the need for talcum powder is vital. Pour a generous amount of talcum powder on your hands and spread it evenly over your hair. This not only adds volume to your hair but also seeps up the excess moisture and grease on your hair. However you best be careful on how much powder you apply. Too much will cause a whitish sheen and too little won’t make any difference.

2)    Focus points 

For hair in bad shape,  it is best to take the focus off your hair.  To do this, use hair accessories such as headbands and barrettes or fancy clips. Colored hair bands and butterfly clips for instance can be used on hair held in a ponytail for a fun day. This will put more focus on the accessories and less on the bad hair.

3)    Hats

Wear hats to conceal that bad hair. You can rest assured that this look will do the magic. Cowboy hats and fedora hats are big during this time. Team your fedora with fitting jeans and a classy top. A pair of boots completes the look.

4)     Bed Head look

If you cannot tidy up that hair, then mess it up the more. Creating some lazy messed up curls on your head to give a “just out of bed” look works magic. You can spice it up by putting on a plain headband with a bow perhaps, and you are good to go. Make sure that your hair is clean to pull off this look. You can spruce it by applying generous amounts of hair oil for that final finish.

5)    Tie it up

This is one of the most used methods to tidy up hair. It is the most common method used in Nairobi. Make sure that your hair is not tied up in a scrunch. Chic styles work better. For a laid back look, you can tie your hair loosely at the back and leave some strands to your face. Then add that hair scarf, tied in a bow and ensure that it will be secured.

Now ladies, you got no reason to miss that movie, even with your bad hair.

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