Tourism Challenges in Kenya

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The high number of terrorism activities is making a lot of tourist to escape and suffer in return.It has come to the realization that many tourist fear coming and visiting the many good places in the country as the level of insecurity is low. Lots of bombs have been witnessed making one to fear from travelling and exploring different parts o the country.

Unpredictable Weather Changes

The continuous growth of weather trends that cannot be well predicted makes it hard for the various tourists to make adequate conclusions about various places of interest. For instance, it has been realized that, any animals that attract tourists will migrate and become distinct when they sense the weather patterns are not going to be of benefit to them.

Poor Roads and transport facilities

Most Kenyan roads are poorly constructed making the movement of tourist from one place to another to become a more difficult and challenging task for many tourists. It is important for one to realize the important roles played by roads and make efforts in trying to reform them and make them be stable for the purposes of ensuring many tourist visits many places to generate more money for the company.

Bad Influence

Many tourists that come in the country end up leaving bad impressions for most of the local residents an idea that make it hard for most of them to excel in their life. A bad influence such as becoming pornography addicts is destroying the morals of many Kenyan youths. The influence can be stopped if only the government will take more close measures of ensuring that many people that get indulged in such activities are punished for their mistakes.

Lack of Expansion

The tourism sector should look for ways and mechanism of ensuring that they expand and become big. However, the problem is that the sector is not growing and tourists often have to view and get the same experience every time they visit the country.

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