Location Of National Environmental Management Authority Head Offices In Nairobi And Functions Of NEMA In Kenya


The National Environmental Management Authority in Kenya is the agency mandated by the Government of Kenya to handle all matters pertaining to environmental conservation and management in Kenya. The NEMA management authority in Kenya was formed as an act of parliament in 1996 under the Environmental Management and Coordination Act of 1996 in Kenya.

The National Environmental Management Authority headquarters offices in Kenya are found in Nairobi City along Mombasa Road. The National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) offices in Nairobi are located at Bellevue off Kapiti Road. The National Environmental Management Authority head offices in Nairobi are accessible on week working days by both private and public means. Public service vehicles in Nairobi to National Environmental Management Authority offices can be boarded along Accra Road. The embassava buses in Nairobi that ply the Mombasa Road route in Nairobi can drop you off at the Bellevue bus terminus near NEMA offices in Nairobi. Alternatively you can board public vehicles heading to South C estate in Nairobi to get to National Environmental Management Authority in Nairobi at the bus terminus beside Afya Centre house in Nairobi along Tom Moboya Street in Nairobi. The matatus plying the South C route in Nairobi usually branch off from Mombasa Road at Bellevue junction where National Environmental Management Authority offices are located.

Some of the core functions of the National Environmental Management Authority agency in Kenya include: NEMA agency in Kenya is responsible for taking stock of the Kenya's natural resources, for establishing and reviewing various land use guidelines in Kenya, Advising the government of Kenya on necessary legislative measures that pertain to environmental management in Kenya and Monitoring the use of both human and financial resources in Kenya for environmental management. The National Environmental Management Authority in Kenya also determine the effect of land use polices in Kenya on the quality and quantity of natural resources in Kenya. NEMA environmantal agency in Kenya also Identify projects that need environmental audits in Kenya and impact assessments to be done in Kenya and the agency in Kenya is responsible for Giving lead and associate environmental expert licenses in Kenya to practicing environmental impact assessment officers in Kenya and environmental audit officers in Kenya.

The National Environmental Management Authority also gives licenses on permissible noise and pollution levels in Kenya to various industries based in Kenya. The NEMA environmental agency also liaises with various manufacturing companies in Kenya to ensure that the effluent they generate is properly treated before disposal to ensure minimum environmental degradation.

For ease of service provision, the National Environment Management Authority in Kenya has established branch offices in most major towns in Kenya.


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