How To Conserve Environment In Kenya

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The environment includes both the living and non living factors that surround human beings in a place. It is important that one protects the environment and adapts some of the following measures to help sustain it for a much more long time.

Planting Trees

Trees play very crucial roles in the environment and should be planted in high amounts. The late Wangari Mathai enhanced the process of environmental conservation by taking a leading role by planting more trees. Trees act as rain attraction agents and hence they should be planted to attract more rainfall that brings water for various uses in the environment. Soil erosion is greatly reduced by planting more trees as they play key roles in binding soil particles together.

Controlling Soil Erosion

The process includes applying a variety of measures that can be used to stop the various agents that cause soil erosion. Firstly wind erosion is controlled by planting more trees that prevent harmful winds from blowing away soil particles. Building of gabions helps regain the amount of soil that is swept away by wind.

Proper Disposal of Waste

Some substances are harmful to the environment and they should be properly disposed to avoid creating a lot of hardships to the surrounding organisms. Chemicals should be disposed in pit latrines and other substances such as wastes should be properly burned following the correct set of procedures. People should have dustbins that can be used to throw waste materials and help avoid throwing some harmful substances to the ecosystem.

Slash Grass and clear Tall bushes

Big grasses encourage the breeding of dangerous animal species such as snakes and insects that include mosquitoes that have a longtime been the main cause of high cases of malaria in the country. The slashed grass should then be used for some good purposes that meet the needs the needs of the environment..

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