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Amazing Facts About Kenya\’s Mount Kenya

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One strange fact is that the word Kenya that denotes this beautiful country actually derives its roots from the name Mount Kenya. Mount Kenya is also the second tallest mountain in Africa, second after Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Mount Kenya is seventeen thousand and fifty seven feet tall.

All the peaks on Mount Kenya were formed as a result of volcanic eruptions dating over two million years ago when the mountain was active. Presently, the mountain is dead with regards to volcanic activity. The mountain is formed from different types of rocks.

The sun always rises and sets at around the same time on this mountain at five thirty in the morning and at five thirty in the evening. This is due to the fact that the mountain lies at the equator. A large area around the center of the mountain is designated as national park and a world heritage site.

There was only one mountaineering route on this mountain by 1899. Presently, there are several routs up the mountain. The south route is best for climbing between January and February while the north route is best for climbing between August and September.

The mountain boasts of a park that is home to several animals with some of them being very unique. They include the Bongo Antelope and the Cape buffalo. In addition to that, any tree that is above seventeen thousand feet on this mountain is filled by moss.

Another amazing fact is that the mountain is home to over three hundred and forty species of birds which can be viewed at the viewing sites in the national parks. Apart from wildlife and watching birds, people engage in hiking activities on the same mountain.

It was on this mountain that freedom fighter Munyao first hoisted the Kenyan flag immediately after Kenya attained her independence in nineteen sixty three. The two top most peaks on this mountain are called Lenana and Batian ordered in the order of their height.

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