Why Alliance High School Always Tops

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The Alliance High School normally referred to as the academic giants have consistently been leading in the KCSE Examination. The very question most people would ask is why? Or how? Academic excellence is a highly valued achievement in the society. Any right minded and determined student would be curious to know how best to achieve it. The outstanding performances achieved by these students are stimulated by various factors. These include;


Self-discipline among the students propels them to work best hence the great performance. Discipline is about doing the right thing at the right time, in the right place and with the right people. This is where most students loose truck, the inability to systematically integrate these key points. Having self-discipline gives the student an ample time to study effectively since he/she will be found in conflict less often.


This is the act of being self-stimulated to do your very best. The drive to outshine your yesterday. The worst enemy of your success is your yesterday’s achievement. That zeal to perform better each day enables them to keep on doing great in the academics.

Apart from self-motivation, students are also rewarded for their outstanding performances as a form of appreciation and motivate them to work harder. Teachers are also given an exemplary retreat for their job well-done.


The teachers are everyday challenged to do their best In support of the students. The teachers end up competing among them on who will produce the most number of A’s in a particular subject. Being a normal public school like any other, it also has weak students who could also score C’s in a given subject. The undying support given to them by the teachers and also their fellow students through group work enables them to improve daily.


The syllabus is usually covered in advance, mostly by the month of May and the rest of the time is left for revision. They usually do joint exams with other national schools and compare their performances in order to gauge where they lie. The make sure they do approximately 200 revision papers including the past KCSE papers before the main exam. This gives the students the confidence and a clear picture of how the main exam may look like.


The students are given the freedom to choose the subjects they think they are also have special case comfortable with and they could perform best. There are no compulsory subjects provided a student has chosen eight subjects that fully qualify according to the KNEC standards. This is advantageous to other schools that put some subjects like physics or CRE as compulsory yet some students are totally not comfortable with them.








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