Where To Buy School Uniforms In Nyeri Town: Location Of School Uniform Shops In Nyeri, Kenya

by Laura Wanjiru  - October 26, 2022

With each New Year, parents to school going children in Kenya are faced with the need for buying uniforms for their children. For most children, the clothes have worn out from continual wear over the previous year. For others, they have outgrown the uniforms they had in the previous year, and for the little few it is just the norm to have new uniforms in a new year as they go to a new class. For either of these reasons, uniform clothes shops in Kenya are usually flooded at the beginning of each year. From socks, to sweaters to dresses and shirts, most uniform shops in Kenya are usually overwhelmed and as such they make significant profits over these periods.

In Nyeri town in Central Kenya, there are two major uniform shops that have gained popularity over the years.Parents in Kenya mostly buy the uniforms in Nyeri from these various shops:

Homage Uniforms shop in Nyeri Town in Kenya

Homage Uniforms shop in Nyeri is one of the oldest shops in Nyeri town in Kenya. Homage Uniform shop in Kenya is a popular uniform shop that has been in operation for over two decades now. Homage Uniforms in Nyeri has been known to stock almost all the uniforms of all schools in Nyeri County in Kenya. Homage school uniforms shop in Nyeri is located at the periphery of the downtown stage in Nyeri town.

Homage school uniform outlet in Nyeri is strategically placed in a busy area of large populations in Nyeri, both Nyeri town inhabitants and travelers to towns in Kenya like Nairobi, Thika, Karatina, Murang’a and Othaya to name a few. Homage Uniforms stocks girl guides and boy scouts uniforms in Nyeri town too. Homage Uniforms shop also sell school materials in Nyeri and other school stuff including bed sheets and blankets for those with children in boarding schools in Nyeri county. Homage Uniforms shop stocks both primary school and secondary school uniforms in Nyeri.

Gakwanja Uniforms shop in Nyeri town in Kenya

Gakwanja Uniforms shop in Nyeri gained entry into the uniforms market in Kenya shortly after Homage Uniforms shop. Gakwanja Uniforms shop in Nyeri is located in Nyeri mid town, near the Kimathi University town campus in Kenya. Gakwanja Uniforms in Kenya has also been in operation for close to two decades. Though not as efficient as Homage Uniforms shop in Nyeri, Gakwanja Uniforms outlet in Nyeri also stocks a variety of uniforms mainly for Nyeri based schools in Kenya. Gakwanja Uniforms shop also deals with leather shoes as well as sporting shoes needed in a school environment.

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