University Scholarships And Financial Aid Initiatives In Strathmore University In Kenya

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The need for education in Kenya is on the rise due to most benefits that education impound to the society. On the other hand, however, the cost of accessing quality and high standard education in Kenya is very expensive due to the worsening economic conditions of Kenya. Education expenses especially on tertiary institutions in Kenya are a burden to most parents and students. As a result, institutions of higher learning have come up with various education financial aids in Kenya to help the needy students access education with fewer worries about the expenses attached to education.Strathmore University in Kenya has various Undergraduate scholarships in Kenya. The Strathmore University Scholarships are given to students to enable them to study without struggling. The Undergraduate Scholarships in Kenya cover education expenses such as tuition fees, accommodation fee in Strathmore University, food and stationery expenses.

Financial aid at Strathmore University in Kenya

East Africa Breweries Limited Foundation Scholarships in Kenya

The scholarships in Kenya by EABL Company in Nairobi grants full sponsorship to the needy and bright students who wish to pursue Bachelor of Commerce in Strathmore University or Bachelor of Business Information Technology in Strathmore University. The EABL Company in Kenya offers undergraduate scholarships in Kenya to three students every year. To apply for the East Africa Breweries Limited Foundation scholarships, download the application forms at 

McKinney Rogers Foundation Scholarship in Kenya

McKinney Rogers Foundation Scholarship in Kenya offers full scholarship to one student per year, to pursue a degree programme on Commerce in Strathmore University or Business Information Technology in Strathmore University in Kenya. Application of the McKinney Rogers Foundation scholarship in Kenya is done by downloading application forms from the Strathmore University website at and filling them correctly. Acceptance for the McKinney Rogers Foundation undergraduate scholarship in Kenya is done on merit of academic results and financial need.

European Union Bursary in Kenya

European Union Bursary in Kenya is a financial aid initiative offered to form four students in Kenya to study a professional course in Kenya at the Strathmore University in the coming year. The top two students in Kenya from the top 100 schools in Kenya in KCSE ranking are eligible for the European Union Bursary scholarship in Kenya. Other requirements for European Union Bursary in Kenya include: having full accommodation fees of Strathmore University, achieving a mean grade of B+ and a B+ in Mathematics and English in the KCSE results in Kenya. You can get more information at 

Undergraduate Scholarships at Strathmore University in Kenya

Mathematics Contest scholarships in Strathmore University in Kenya offer the best two performing form four students in six mathematics contests conducted annually in different schools in Kenya. The Strathmore University Mathematics Contest Scholarship gives students tuition fees scholarship in Kenya to pursue any professional course in Strathmore University of their choice. The professional courses in Strathmore University in Kenya include: CPA course in Kenya, ACCA course in Kenya (Association of Chartered Certified Accountant) or Diploma in Business Information Technology in Kenya. The other requirements of Mathematics Contest scholarship in Strathmore University can be viewed from the website 

Sports Scholarships in Strathmore University: Sports scholarships in Kenya are offered to Strathmore University students, who have a talent to perform well in the various sports in the university in Kenya. The sports with scholarships in Kenya include Rugby, Basketball, Soccer, Handball, Athletics and Hockey. Candidates of the Sports Scholarships in Strathmore University in Kenya should have a calling letter from Strathmore University, a mean grade of B and have full accommodation fees in Strathmore University.

Sports Fee Rebate in Strathmore University: Sports fee rebate in Kenya is a form of scholarship in Strathmore University where a non-scholarship student is given a rebate in fees if he/she performs best in sports in Strathmore University annually with an equal impressive disciplinary record.

Family rebate fee in Strathmore University: Family rebate fee in Kenya is yet another form of scholarship offered in Kenya to parents who have two or more children undertaking degree courses in Strathmore University where there is a rebate in the fees. This is usually granted to the student fee of one who performed best in the year exams among the children of the common parent in Strathmore University.

Students Loans in Strathmore University; Student loans are offered to Strathmore University Students who apply for it and are granted every year to cater for tuition fees. The Strathmore University Students loan in Kenya has an interest rate of 0% and the timespan of 10 years for repayment. Applicants of Students Loans in Strathmore University should have attained a mean grade of A- in KCSE and come from a financially challenged background. They should be Kenyan citizens and have full accommodation fees for accommodation in Strathmore University.

KIVA Students loans in Kenya are offered loans to low income students at Strathmore University on tuition fees and laptop loans in Kenya. KIVA is an online platform where specifically undergraduate students in Strathmore University can apply for the KIVA Students loans on the tuition fee and laptops loans in Kenya and repay in a period of ten years. Students who are eligible for application for the KIVA Students loans in Strathmore University should have attained a mean grade of A- in a national secondary school in Kenya, a B+ in a provincial secondary school in Kenya and a B in a district secondary school in Kenya.

Strathmore University through their partnership with various institutions enable students have a broad network on accessibility of student loans in Kenya. Other loans for students available include Chase-bank student loans in Kenya. Therefore, studying in Strathmore University in Kenya can be easy and environment friendly as educational expenses are concerned through all these loans opportunities.


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