Undergraduate Admission Procedure for Private Sponsored Students in Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

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Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) is a public university in Kenya located in the western province of Kenya in Kakamega County. This university is situated along the Kakamega-Webuye road and admits students from all parts of the country as Government or private sponsored. They also admits students from outside the country and recognized as international students.

As a Kenyan public university, it offers a lot of courses but in has special programmes in form of diploma and degree. This university is one of its own in Kenya as it hosts degree programmes which could not be found in any other university in Kenya. For instance, MMUST has a faculty of Disaster Management programmes which are only found in this university in Kenya.

This university offers admission to students as private sponsored for these unique courses and many more courses. It provide intake of these students in lots and recently they have May intake in progress where students enroll to study in MMUST. The courses they offer and which could be unique include Bachelors in:

  • Disaster Preparedness and engineering management

  • Disaster Mitigation and Sustainable development

  • Conflict Resolution and Humanitarian Assistance

  • Disaster Management and International Diplomacy

  • Criminology

These courses and many more are open to the private sponsored students who wish to join and study in this university and its branches and constituent colleges all over the country in Kenya.

Application procedures and fee structures:

Students who are interested in studying in Masinde Muliro university may collect the application forms from the Main campus in Kakamega town or MMUST branches and study centers in Sangalo, Mumias, Ebunangwe, Webuye, Bungoma and Nairobi. These forms can also be downloaded from the university website accessed at www.mmust.ac.ke, these application forms should be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of Ksh 500 for certificate and diploma courses and Ksh 1000 for undergraduate courses paid at the bank accounts of MMUST in Kakamega in which the account numbers are provided in the application forms.

The fee structure for the different programmes are provided by the faculties in which the applicants enroll courses from during the registration period. However, there exist a common fee structure for all the first year undergraduate students enrolled in the university in the different faculties;

  • Faculty of Arts and Social sciences (Bachelors in Arts, Business, French, Early childhood, Social Work, Criminology and Journalism and Mass Communication) Pays Ksh 100,000 annually.

  • Faculty of Science (B.sc in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sugar Technology, Bio-resource Management and Environmental management) pays 110,000 annually.

  • Faculty of Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance (B.sc in Disaster Preparedness and environmental Technology, Disaster mitigation and Sustainable Development, Disaster Management and International Diplomacy, Conflict Resolution and Humanitarian Assistance) pays 120,000 annually.

  • B.sc in Biotechnology pays 125,000 annually.

  • Faculty of Engineering (B.sc in Civil and Structural, Electrical and Communication, Mechanical and Industrial) Pays 160,000 annually. This fee structure is only for Kenyan Citizens. International citizen pay 20% more on the tuition fee.

Contacts of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

The registrar for Academic Affairs, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

P.O Box 190-50100, Kakamega

Tel 056-30873 or by email registrar.aa@mmust.ac.ke

The director of PSSP, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

P.O Box 190-50100 Kakamega or email at pssp@mmust.ac.ke

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