Top Public And Private Univesities In Kenya

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Kenya is one of the countries that strive to achieve quality education. Many learning institutions have been built strategically for this reason. Lately, a lot of universities have come up creating a healthy completion. There are top ten universities that include.

Kenyatta University

It was established in 1965 and is ranked the second best in the country. It is located in Kahawa wendani which is a strategic place since it is close to the city. It is well known for its remarkable performance.

University of Nairobi

It is ranked the best so far. The university is located in the city. It known for its overwhelming performance in research and development. It is believed that it was started I n 1956.

Maseno University

Maseno is a public university located in Maseno. It was founded in 1991.It has proved to the best in research since students have achieved tremendous success in the recent years. It is important to note that it was endorsed to be a fully pledged university in 2000.

Jomo Kenyatta university of Agriculture and Technology

It was for a long time a middle level college. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology was established in 1981.The university offers courses like engineering and well known for science courses.

Strathmore University

It was established in 1961.It holds credit for best web presence and boasts for quality education. It is a private institution basing its credibility in information technology.

Egerton University

The institution mainly offers agricultural courses. It was established in 1939.The institution was fast meant for the training of Europeans in agriculture but later shifted its attention to other course like education, teaching and information courses.

Moi University

Moi university was established in 1984 by the government through Act of Parliament.It is located in Eldoret and well known for its remarkable performance.

Daystar University

The institution was first founded in Zibambwe. Due to civil unrest, it was relocated to Kenya in 1975.Daystar is built on a large piece of land which is also home to many people. It holds credit for its well equipped facilities.

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