Scouts Shop Nairobi: where to buy Scouts uniform and camping tools

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Scouting is well known in institutions in the learning system in Kenya, one cannot buy scouting uniform just from any place for it is a country wide uniform and it should perfectly match. 

Scouts shop is located along St. John Ambulance lane off parliament road. It is the only shop in Nairobi selling Scouts uniform and an assortment of scouts’ merchandise. School going children are the main customers. Camping youth who are preparing for a camping programme kindly make a visit to the Scouts shop in Nairobi.

Scouts Shop has a wide range of camping equipments, camping mattresses, tents, bags, tool boxes and any equipment needed for adventure.

Prices vary from a wide range of products and also depending on the size of the uniform. All the scouting products and equipments are found there inclusive of all the equipments required for camping.

Pricing of their products has remained constant for the past 10 years and the pricing is customer friendly for a repeat business. Their services are customer friendly which includes discounts, offers and after sales service.

 If anyone plans for a camping event then Scouts Shop is the place to go for shopping. Those who like adventures in the forest and mountain climbing then get what you need in Scouts 6 for total fun and comfort ability.

Anybody can be a scout or a girl guide irrespective of age. For more enquiries you can contact using the following numbers +254 020 244 6600, 2446601. Fax: +254020232788. Parents should encourage their children to participate in activities like scouting. One gets a certificate of participation and it is important most to those who want to serve in the defense forces in Kenya.

Tours and travel in Kenya companies are mostly invited, your visitors who are mostly foreigners should not start their leisure visits without the necessary equipments. Include the scouts shop contacts in your business card and this will make it easy for them to prepare for their travel.

It is hard to get scouts uniform and camping tools else where even in the shopping malls, do not be given the wrong uniform. Scouts uniform is unique and it is a nation wide uniform. It is advisable that you buy a new uniform if your child out grows the previous one.

Schools should have enough stock of uniform for the convenience of the parents who do not want to travel all the way to Nairobi to buy thei child a scout uniform. Once the uniform is bought it should be taken care, washed and iron. Camping toools and equipment should be kept nicely after use, wipe or wash away the dirt, dry them nicely and keep the in a clen and dry place.

Scouting is fun and all the scouts end up been active to serve the Nation without laziness. Below are the contacts of scout shop Nairobi.

Mobile: 0722 675 265, 0758 949 879 Email: ,


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