Public Universities Found Within Nakuru Town In Kenya

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Did you know that the name Nakuru in the Maa language means ‘the dusty place’? Now you know, and you will be destined to know more if you were looking for a place to get an education in Nakuru County in Kenya. Most of us know Nakuru for agriculture and tourism in Kenya, what we do not know is that Nakuru, a rapidly growing town in East Africa is also well endowed with higher education institutions in Kenya. Most public Universities in Kenya have their presence in the Nakuru County. Nakuru has recently become one of the most endowed towns in the Rift Valley with higher education institutions in Kenya which include:

Egerton University in Nakuru County in Kenya: Egerton University in Kenya is one University located in the outskirts of the Nakuru Town. Egerton University in Nakuru is in the serene environment of the small town of Njoro, a few minutes from Nakuru Town. Egerton University is a University offering a wide range of courses in Kenya, ranging from agriculture to Information Technology. Egerton University in Kenya boasts of offering more than 160 courses in Kenya. To get to Egerton University  main campus in Njoro, you board matatu in the Egerton main stage in Nakuru near The Biashara Centre round about. Egerton University has a Egerton University Nakuru Town campus located within the Nakuru Town. Egerton University Nakuru Town Campus in Kenya has its administration blocks along the Nakuru-Eldoret Highway just a few meters after the KFA roundabout in Nakuru. You can visit the Egerton University website on 

Kenyatta University in Nakuru town in Kenya: If you are thinking of joining Kenyatta University in Kenya, then your problem is sorted out since Kenyatta University has established its Campus on the Kenyatta University Plaza next to Cooperative Bank Nakuru branch along the Nakuru-Eldoret Highway. To get more information on the courses offered in Kenyatta University in Nakuru Campus in Kenya, it is rather important that you pay the institution a visit or click on the Kenyatta University website 

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Nakuru town campus in Kenya: Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya has not been left in the move of bringing education to the people in Nakuru County. The JKUAT University in Nakuru established a JKUAT Nakuru campus in Nakuru town offering over 34 courses in Kenya that you can choose from. The Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Nakuru institution in Kenya is located on the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Plaza along the Nakuru-Eldoret Highway next to Nakuru Shell filling station. JKUAT in Nakuru has also patnered with Tracom College in Kenya in providing courses in Information Technology. Tracom College in Nakuru Town is located in Gibcon House on 4th Floor along the Kenyatta Avenue in Nakuru. Access more information about Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Nakuru on the website at 

University of Nairobi in Nakuru Town: University of Nairobi in Kenya is the oldest University in Kenya. If you prefer to get your education in Kenya from The University of Nairobi from Nakuru, you should contact University of Nairobi Nakuru campus. University of Nairobi Nakuru Campus is located in Nakuru town in Kenya within the premises of Catholic Diocese of Nakuru (CDN) offices. To get to University of Nairobi Nakuru campus in Kenya, you access the Catholic Diocese Of Nakuru offices near Christ The King Church in Nakuru. You can visit University of Nairobi website at  for more information.

Moi University in Nakuru Town in Kenya: However, if you are interested in the Health and Social work education in Kenya, or something in that line, Moi University in Nakuru could just be the university you need to pay a visit. Moi Universityin Nakuru has had its roots in the Nakuru town in Kenya partnering with Nakuru School of Health Sciences in Kenya. Nakuru School of Health Sciences in Nakuru and Moi University in Nakuru can be found at the Nakuru showground in Kenya and on the Kenya Farmers Association Building. To get more information about Moi University in Kenya, go to Moi University website at 

Visiting the websites of the institution will be greatly helpful in ensuring that you get the required information on the specific courses offered by the institutions in Kenya.

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