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Jomo Kenyatta University in Kenya opened its campus at Kakamega town in 2011 and has grown sporadically since. The courses in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) campus in Kakamega in Kenya used to be taught in Ambwere Towers in Kakamega Town, but the campus has expanded and other classes have been moved to a new building in Kakamega Town called Ambwere Afraha Centre. Ambwere Towers in Kakamega Town in Kenya is located off Kisumu-Kakamega Road opposite Coast Bus Booking Office and near KCB building. JKUAT Kakamega campus has classes which students in Kenya attend at Ambwere Afraha Centre, which is next to Cooperative bank Kakamega Branch in Kakamega town in Kenya. The programs offered in Kakamega JKUAT campus range from certificates to postgraduates and they include:

Undergraduate programs in Jomo Kenyatta University Kakamega Campus

The undergraduate degrees offered by Jomo Kenyatta university in Kakamega, Kenya includes; Bachelor of Business Information Technology, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management, Bachelor of Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Business and Office Management, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information and Bachelor of Development Studies.

Postgraduate programs in JKUAT Kakamega Campus

Masters programs in Kenya which are offered by Kakamega JKUAT campus institution include; Msc. Human Resource Management, Msc. Entreprenueurship, Masters of Business Administration, Msc. Procurement and Logistics, Msc. Project Management, and Msc. ICT Policy and Regulation. The institution also offers doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) programmes. These programmes include; Ph.D. in Human Resource Management, Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship and Ph.D. in Business Administration.

Diploma Programs in Jomo Kenyatta University Kakamega Campus

Diploma courses in Kenya that are offered alongside other programs in the Kakamega JKUAT campus institution in Kakamega are; Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in County Governance, Diploma in Human Resource Management, Diploma in Public Relation, Diploma in Business Administration, Diploma in Community Development, Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies, and Diploma in Business information Technology.

Certificate Programs available in Jomo Kenyatta University Kakamega Campus

For those people who wish to pursue certificate courses in Kenya, there a room for them in Kakamega campus of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) because they are also offering certificate programs which include; Certificate in Information Technology, Certificate in County Governance, Certificate in Human Resource management, Certificate in Public Relation, Certificate in Business Administration, Certificate in Community Development, Certificate in Purchasing and Supplies and finally a Certificate in Business Information Technology.

If you wish to pursue any program at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya, it is now easier because you can do it in Kakamega instead of going all the way to Nairobi where the same courses in Kenya are offered. There is ongoing intake in JKUAT Kakamega Campus in Kenya and the deadline is on 20th November, 2013. Kenyans can get the course application forms in Kenya from Ambwere Towers in Kakamega town or Kenyans can contact the Kakamega Campus of JKUAT offices by calling the following numbers; 0728837498 or 056-31784.


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