Programs Offered at Bushagala Technical Training Institute

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Bushangala technical institute is one of the earliest institutes found in Kakamega. It is located along Sigalagala- Butere road about 16 kilometers from kakamega town. The institution is run by the government of Kenya and fully registered by the ministry of Higher education Science and Technology. And the institute provides technical, vocational entrepreneurial training. It runs programs that train students and promote technological development and research as well as access of information that leads to innovations.

Bushangala Technical Training Institute started as a skill upgrading centre in 1991 with the aim of upgrading skills for instructors, polytechnics graduates, and managers. The institute came to be fully controlled by the ministry of higher education science and Technology In 2008. Various programs are offered in the institute including short courses, diploma and certificate programs.

The following is a list of courses offered at this institution.

a)      Certificate in Information Technology

b)      Certificate in Computer maintenance and repair

c)      Certificate in Computer packages

d)     Certificate in Networking

e)      Certificate in computer Science

f)       Diploma in Applied Biology

g)      Diploma in Building construction

h)      Diploma in Civil engineering

i)        Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (production Option)

j)        Diploma in Community development

k)      Diploma in Computer Science

l)        Diploma in Information Communication and technology

m)    Craft in science laboratory Technology

n)      Artisan in Masonry

o)      Craft in Masonry

p)      Artisan in Motor Vehicle

q)      Craft in motor Vehicle

r)       Artisan in Plumbing

s)       Craft in Plumbing

t)       Artisan in Electrical Installation

u)      Craft in Electrical Installation

v)      Craft and Artisan in welding and fabrication

w)    Artisan and Craft in clothing, Fashion, and design.

x)      Craft in Mechanical

For more information contact the institute through:

Address: P.O Box 2227-50100 Kakamega, Kenya.

Tel: 0208059530


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