Maseno University School of Medicine and Surgery

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 Maseno University(MSU) is a public university located in Western Kenya.Its the only university in Kenya whereby every student no matter what course he/she is undertaking is guaranteed to graduate along with Information Technology(IT).Maseno university consists of several schools one of being School of Medicine and Surgery.The School of Medicine and Surgery was established in 2009 with the founder being Prof.Nimrod Bwibo and its currently offering Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery(MBChB) with Information Technology which is a trisemester course.The school(faculty) of medicine and surgery is the youngest faculty thereby a pioneer School of Medicine in the whole Kenya’s western region and it contains well equipped laboratories and lecture halls.It was started to boost training of Medical doctors in Kenya.Its actually an academic centre for training and producing qualified medical doctors in the expansive Nyanza and Western Kenya regions to help eradicate infectious and tropical diseases which are thought to be mainly harbored in those regions.The mission of School of Medicine and Surgery is to produce quality and qualified medical graduates capable of practicing evidence based medicine and applied research with community orientation and its vision is to be a centre of excellence in training medicine and medical research.The Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery is 6 years with one extra year for internship.

Admission criteria

For admission into undergraduate programmes of the school of medicine Maseno University,interested candidates must attain a meangrade of at least B+ in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education or its equivalents and must have passed the subject clusters as indicated below:

-Biology B+,Chemistry B+,Mathematics or Physics B+,English or Kiswahili B.

-OR Biological Sciences A,Physical Sciences A,Mathematics B+,English or Kiswahili B.

Curriculum and Academic Programmes

There is comprehensive undergraduate curriculum for Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree which initially includes the programmes for Dentistry,Pharmacology and Nursing.




-Behavioural Sciences including Phychiatry

-Gynecology and Obstetrics

-Internal medicine

-Medical microbiology

-Nursing Sciences

-Pediatrics and child health

-Human pathology including clinical chemistry and immunology

-Radiology Medical Imaging

-Surgery including Anesthesiology,Dentistry,Ophthalmology,Orthopedics



Major activities in the School of Medicine and Surgery

-Teaching and graduating undergraduate candidates and later postgraduate

-Conducting both bench and clinical research in the medical and biomedical sciences.

-Visiting and attending to patients in the school’s hospital and also other hospitals provincial and national plus medical and biomedical research institutions.



The examinations undertaken by students persuing Bachelor of Science in Medicine and Surgery are both internal and external.Continuous assement tests are available which include practicals,written assessments and assignments(100 marks).End of semester exams are done out of 200 marks.These exams consist of multiple choice and essay questions and the passmark is 50% failure to which the candidate undertakes a supplementary exam.Continued failure may lead to discontinuation of the course.

Hardwork is always needed for excellence.

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